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This is our devlog! Tune in for weekly updates about our progress on the game.

For over 3 years I posted about Moonman development in a thread on the TIGSource forums. The great game developers over there supported the game, even in its primordial form, and without their feedback and enthusiasm I wouldn’t have gotten this far. The game has changed a lot over those years and its evolution can be seen in that thread.

I’ll continue to post updates on TIGforums but I’m also going to start posting updates here. Depending on how it goes, the updates here will likely have more information and allow a more flexible discussion than the single thread of my other devlog.

NOTE FOR KICKSTARTER BACKERS: If you’ve backed via Kickstarter then you’ll get these devlog updates through Kickstarter as well. But I’ll likely condense the KS version and link directly to here.