An alternative name for the game?


If Moonman wasn’t called Moonman, what could it be called? Something moony, a little kooky, maybe.
I have some ideas, but would love some suggestions…

I’m just entertaining the idea atm. :moonman:


If Moonman wasn’t called Moonman I think it would be called Notturno.


Lunar Manifold


Knight of the Moon


Super Moon Story


Luna terra, forever night, selene


a few more…


Lunar Lad
Luna Sea


tbh i’m not a fan of the word Lunar or Luna, even though lunacy is so fitting …

I think something with the word Moon in is my only constraint…





Ben said he doesn’t like the word lunar, but Lunar Lad is adorable. It is friendly and approachable, and provides context for Moony’s endless smile.


True, it definitely fits.

Moonman the character will eventually be subsumed into the character roster, so I’m leaning more to a non mm specific name, something that either talks about the many moons, the crazy night time world, the quest to build the sunmoon, etc…


Thanks coprolite, I agree it might be a fitting and fun name if Ben wanted to go in a Lunar direction. It felt right when I thought of it, although I must give partial credit for my suggestion to author Rachel Hartman whose character named Loud Lad in the excellent novel Seraphina inspired me.

But back to the task at hand…


Rebuild the Sun

Illuminate the Moonland

Illuminate the Moons

To the Moons

The Moons around us

Moons, Moons are everywhere

Okay, I might need to take a break and regroup.


That’s my favorite now.


Haha, the chances of it being called Lunar Lad are 1% and falling. :wink: Keep the suggestions coming friendos

More moon.
Mooooooon <- one o for each moon


My wife isn’t here to ask so i had to use google translate…
Preah chn, or… Preah chn borsa mneak
(moon, or… Moonman (in khmer))
It looks awesome when writen in their style of writing.


Aren’t you supposed to be on a honeymoon or something …

Oh wait …

Honey Moon.



Lol yes… Shhh, don’t tell on me


oh i won’t …


  • Magic Moondom
  • The Great Moons
  • Moonventure
  • Moonquest
  • Adventure of the Natural Satellites
  • Green Moontern
  • Moonvania
  • That Green Smiley Guy and His Scary Friends
  • There’s Just So Many Moons


Nice ones!