An alternative name for the game?


If Moonman wasn’t called Moonman, it’d still be Moonman to me :crazy:


haha, well it’d still have Moonman as a playable character


If it wasn’t called Moonman, it should be called Moonman. Such a great name…

Under the Big Green Moon
Moonman X :smile:
The Moonsters (with a posthumous guest appearance by Fred Gwynne)


Haha, that’s what Wired mistakenly called it when they wrote an article about it. :crazy:


I asked my wife sophors how to pronounce the khmer word for moon… It sounds like “pray chun” thats chun as in chunk with no k.


Well, so far I’ve got to say that Moon Story is leading the pack. It’s simple and direct, is a nod to that indie classic Cave Story, and surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be any big games with that name. It also is sufficiently vague.


You’re not actually considering changing the name, are you?


Yes, yes I am.

Have you googled Moonman lately? The name is taken and I want to leave that space, especially if I’ll be doing MM stuff for another couple of years (with patches, updates, consoles, etc.)

Also … originally the game was about the Moonman character. Now there are multiple characters, of which MM is just one. So it makes sense to broaden the name at the same time.


I didn’t know you were serious about that… I should think of some serious answers then.

You have said before, that moonman is sopposed to save this world with a “star machine”.

It sounds like this is a story about the moon setting, kind of the opposite of a moon rise.

How about a longer title? Under the light of the moon/ Moon shine / moon set / setting moon.

Under the setting moon.

Moon story still sounds the best to me… I dont remember who said it.


All good suggestions. Moonshine is particularly funny because of its double meaning.

Moon Story has been in my list for a long time, it’s just plain and simple, yet has the right feel to it.


Well… I have ONE name other than “Notturno” that would work. It’s not that good… but… anyways. I was saving this name for something special in the future, but I guess I can suggest it. “Noct”.


All the clasic stories started with “once upon a time”, how about (once upon a moon).

That feels like it a story, your story of how yoir hero saved the world.


Oh god our subreddit… ugh… it’s like a warzone.


Quite cool :moon:

True, though that sounds a little too ‘disney’ … I think … .?


Ever moon. Because there is no sun light


Now that’s a cool suggestion … :smiley:


Noct is gone. I nearly chewed my face off when I saw this on the Steam Store.


i hope it was a tasty face


How about Moongazer?


Congrats mr. Midnight, you now have two things in the game :smile: