An alternative name for the game?


I’ll just call it Mooncrow At Midnight … :crazy:


Eh? What? 2 things?


You have a scarecrow mask and some killer snow flakes. I meant to congradulate you in a different topic bit i posted it here by mistake.


At this point we might as well amalgamate all topics into one massive thread with the subject “Literally Everything”.


yeah … who keeps sidetracking everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

actually, there’s a specific button in the interface for spinning off a different topic.

Oct 23, 2015

There’s even a badge for using said button, I believe.


@ben So what are your top 3 favorites so far?

  • True Moon
  • Solomon’s Moon/Moon of Solomon
  • Celestial Story/L’Histoire Céleste (it sounds really cool in French)
  • Grand Moon/Royal Moon
  • New Moon (sort of a pun on the fact that it’s a new name for the game)
  • Moonleaf (leaf being a reference to the old term for a page in a book, implying a story)
  • Moonborn (could be another name for the actual moonmen)
  • Moon’s Lament
  • Moonbeat

I feel like there are a few better ones on the tip of my tongue but can’t quite grasp them yet. I’ll keep trying.


Keep 'em coming ppl, some of these are really good, and the game could be called a number of these. I’m still thinking up new names all the time in the back of my mind.

My wife jokingly suggested Moon Yolo :crazy:


Moon Made Sun




Well my two two favorites are MOON STORY, and EVER MOON so far.

I work nights so i always jokingly call the sun, the day moon (im not suggesting that name).

Endless moon
Moon song


I like where she’s going with it. Throw a hash tag in there and we’ll have our pop culture covered! :owl:


Every Moon Has Its Day EMHID
Naked and Yelling (at the Moon) NAY(ATM)

Ever Moon is pretty good I agree, and much more descriptive than Moon Story. But it doesn’t really resonate with me for some reason… Endless Moon is more catchy.

  • Fool Moon
  • Moon: The Unbeginningness
  • Rumpusmoon
  • Seventh Moon
  • Ooky Moon
  • Moonfare
  • Suns of Moons
  • Lord of Moonlight


Endless moon sounds good to me too




I personally favor Seventh Moon.


suggested on tigsource:

Over The Moon


But there are no cows?


Then add them, and spoons and dishes, post-haste!