An alternative name for the game?


I like Moonmancy, which is almost what someone else said.


Clever :smile:

Moonman See :moonman:


yes, I just wanted to suggest a name with moonman’s face in it.


Haha thats brilliant!


Moondwellers sounds like it fits. I vote that name if I can’t vote Moongazer.


Heavily leaning towards Cosmic Moon or Cosmic Forge.


Sounds like Ben isn’t goimg to use EverMoon, i hope that name goes to a good project. I really like it.
If one of you ends up using it, please post some pics for me so i can see your cool game.


Sexyman. I’m several months late. Sorry.


It’s a cool name for sure!

Sexyman it is. Thanks pie dude!


I say go for Moondwellers.


another late suggestion… Moonage Story :moonman:


Still undecided…

Silver moon
Super Moon


Chromatic moon
Guardian moon
Lost moon


+1 for Moonspell


Maybe… Lost Moons? Plural? Makes more sense imo.


Many Moons (repeat from earlier)
“Moonman and the Lunarlads” (sounds like a 60’s lounge band)
Moon:Dwellers (neo_berseker’s suggestion)


I’m still hoping for evermoon, I just really like that name.
Alternately… moon realm, moon reign, terraria lol


Thanks everyone, this is one of the hardest parts of the whole thing, and I appreciate all your suggestions. Seems like everyone has their own favourites and so I’m not sure I’ll ever find something that everyone will agree on. :crazy:

One thing I’ve been trying to do is find something with lots of different sounds in it. So “unclear moon” … not a great title, but its got different sounds in it and is more fun to say than “manic moon”, for instance. Titles are tough…

Not if there’s only one lost moon though … the one you have to find. Still … either could work!

I’m warming to that name, and I think about it every now and then.


MOONDWELLERS. I vote that above EVERYTHING else.


Last I checked there were 8 areas ruled by the moon (or moons)
I know it means 8 years, but it has a nice sound to it