August 14th, 2016


I was planning to write a big post about the build system, but I ended up working all weekend on the game. I guess that’s a good thing, right? :smiley:

I’ll probably still write up the build system at some point, but today will be another small devlog.

Build System: All platforms and vendors are setup and working properly. I can do a full build from my work computer – this includes building for steam, itch, and humble, building for linux in a virtual machine, and building for osx by remoting into my mac at home. Then I have a script which deploys them all and sets up a useful tasklist for the manual tasks that would follow (like checking boxes in steam’s web interface, uploading changelogs, etc.)

Misc things: The game runs successfully in itch app’s ‘sandbox mode’, which protects the user from malicious software. The game embeds steam’s api and exe wrapper, which just makes sure that Steam is running if you’re running the steam version of the game. I’ll be hooking up some features like Steam cloud and other things in the near future.

Alex has been experimenting with the character select, title screen, and bits and pieces like creature anims and sand tiles. Sam has been finalising the OSX launcher and remaining linux build issues.

Another boring devlog update, but I’ll be getting back into content and gameplay programming this week!

Here’s the osx standalone launcher in action:


Oh I also packaged that data/ folder up into one file – so you don’t have a thousand files to unzip in the standalone version.


Nice work. I can almost smell that beta…


Hey, I like that. Clean. Clean is good.