August 21st, 2016


12 days on, now I get today off :slight_smile:

Improved controller support: You can now navigate menus with controller, keyboard or mouse. I’m working on inventory navigation with the controller and then the last thing will be to snap interactions … e.g., if you’re facing a chest and close enough you will just be able to press a controller button to activate it (without having to focus the reticule on it).

Lighting improvements: The lighting system is much improved (for high gfx mode). Amongst many tweaks, torches now feed into the tile-based lighting system. Here’s an example:

Colour levels: We added a better colouring system to the game. This will be used to give some extra colour control over full levels or parts of the level. For instance in the forest level the graphics will get bluer and bluer the further down the cave you go. The system works exactly like the Colour Levels dialogue in GIMP (and probably photoshop), which means we can setup levels in that program and then copy them over into the game. Here are some examples, though it will be rare to see such extreme colour mapping:

Among these things we’ve been working on concepts of the title screens, cursors, veil surface, and we’ve also been finishing off the osx and linux build system. See you next week, thanks for reading!


What was happening with the jumping brick?
Top left of the first gif, at the torch


That was just a block item jumping around before disappearing.


Oh ok… guess I had mimics on my mind