August 4th, 2016


I’m heading down the coast for a few days so this week has a short and early devlog. Sam and I have been working on build systems and launchers and Alex has been updating mesa tiles and cleaning up all the creature sprites.

For the standalone auto-updater I plugged a security hole (now updates are cryptographically signed). I’ve also been working on integrating the build system with the various vendors, including and steam. Itch was very easy to incorporate, and if you use the itch launcher then the game will auto-update through that. Here’s a shot of itch downloading a test build.

Steam is a little more complicated due to the number of features it has, but I’m slowly working through it. It’s kind of cool and feeling very real to see the game stub appear in my Steam library…

On OSX the launcher is up and running. After some deliberation we decided that we won’t support a standalone auto-updater on OSX and Linux. Both platforms will still check for updates and notify if there is one, however you’ll have to manually download it from humble or itch or wherever you bought it. Under steam, itch launcher, and mac appstore the game will auto-update as normal.

The creature work involves tidying up all the animations, determining new behaviours and animating those, and setting up the colour mappings and sprites for the variations. Such as the Komodo and Dragon below … they use the same basic sprite but the dragon has a couple more layers and is colour mapped.


Monaco… i played that at pax years ago, I will have to go check it out again


What about when the Linux version hits Steam? Surely it’ll auto-update then.


How does it work if you bought it on Humble Bundle (in my case in Feb 2015)? As a Mac user who likes not manually downloading upgrades, I’d really appreciate if we could get a Steam code as soon as the game is added to Steam.


Yep the itch and steam versions will auto-update on OSX and Linux.

Yep all the Humble purchases will get Steam keys, probably before the game is officially public.


Excellent. Just out of curiosity, what’s “Itch”?


He means the website You can buy games on there. (Including Moonman when it comes out{Probably})


I see.


Yep is a great site and very popular among indie devs. It was started around the same time that I started Moonman actually, and the people who run it are awesome. The site itself is cool, but they have a new client that works like Steam, you can buy and install games through it and they’ll also auto-update. I’ve got Moonman successfully running thru the Steam and Itch clients on Windows and OSX and my build system is only two days away from being finalised — then I can go back to working on the game and forget about all this stuff for a while. This stuff is interesting but I’d much rather work on actual games programming!