Build 422700


New build available! Update the game in Steam or itch (or redownload through Humble) to get the update.

Werewolf (MoonQuest)
Added Holy Toolbench (available in Crusader's temple)
Added Umbrella. It protects against rusting.
Added Chalice.
Gamdelf automatically recharges staves.
Carl can now craft Ray Gun through recycler.
Humans now have a wind-up delay when attacking.
"Demons" are now "unformed".
Walls don't burn away in underground areas.
Elemental is now vegetarian.
All attacks cause some knockback.
Added secret character.
Added bats.
Increased breath.
Disabled exit walk animation.
Crusader always has a salt seller in town.
Wood seller in town appears more often.
Added enemy health bars (toggle through Gameplay menu).
Fix: Reduced cost of some toolbox items.
Fix: Optimised fire to increase frame rate.
Fix: Can now craft forest set.
Fix: Fixed player movement stutter when climbing up blocks.
Fix: Items no longer get stuck in furniture.
Fix: Fire and fluid no longer simulate while game is paused.
Fix: Fixed issue where game couldn't find data.dat.
Fix: Fixed other minor things.
Misc: Disabled external twitter link in Steam.