Hello, I backed the game so I have access to the alpha but have been busy so I forgot about it until I got an update devlog email


Where do you download the game? is it still from the humble bundle and where do you post bugs?



Hiya, this thread has all you need -> Support


Thanks for that


I recently backed the game. Though, since it’s so late, I have not the alpha tier and have no way to get it. Is there a way to gain access to the alpha? Even the first build is okay. (In fact, I am looking to play this map).
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Hey Ovni, thanks for pre-ordering! I really mean it. :smiley:

The alpha is exclusively for those that helped me reach the Kickstarter goal, but by pre-ordering you are helping out with the development costs of the game. In a few months I’ll be releasing a beta to all the pre-orderers and Kickstarter backers. The older builds don’t run well and so I don’t want to release them.

So TL;DR; thanks for pre-ordering, but the pre-order build of the game is still a few months away.



That’s unfortunate. So many people heard about this game after the kickstarter, and are penalized for it.

Which is really killing the hype for me slowly each day.


Sorry to hear. Don’t think that you’re missing out on anything, the beta build will be substantially better than the alpha one.

I hope to see you join in the beta test in 4-6 months. If not, then I wish you all the best with your gaming! :moonman:


To be perfectly honest, you aren’t missing much. There isn’t a lot of content in the alpha. I really agree with the way Ben has done this because it allows the very dedicated people to be helpful and test.


but that’s what is unfair. Just because I didn’t know about it during the kickstarter doesn’t mean I am not dedicated or helpful.

I am a very good tester. I know my way around all operating systems. I know how to report bugs properly…