Favourite Game?


Currently still stuck playing Fire Emblem Awakening like crazy since it’s release over two years ago! Other top favourtites inculded a lot of Atlus or NIS games like the Disgaea series, Etrian Odyssey series… Or any other game with customisation elements like Fantasy Life or the Rune Factory series!


These games have been getting the lion’s share of my play time lately, and could therefore probably be described as my current favorites:

Dwarf Fortress
Crusader Kings 2
Don’t Starve Together

Other favorites from the past that have probably had a decisive influence on my development as a person:

Scarab of Ra
Cantr (no, that is not misspelled)
Creatures 3
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Civilization II-V
Zork Zero
Shadow of the Colossus
The Amazon Trail II


Minecraft, Age of Empires 2, Super Mario 3, Jumpman Jr, Oils Well and last but not least commander keen!


Wow, that’s a pretty tough question… If I had to chose they’s be

  • Starbound
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Every single Pokemon game
  • Fantasy Life
  • Lode Runner


There are many games I’ve played growing up that people have listed, but it was the Journeyman Project Turbo! installed on my family’s first Packard Bell that blew me away. I remember playing Myst, but the setting didn’t immediately scream time travelling. TJMP was right in your face about it, and it revolved around nerdy things like jumpsuits, biochips, robotic voices, etc.


I’ve been playing a bunch of Diablo 3 recently, since the new season came out. I’m not quite happy where my demon hunter is, so I’ll probably be playing quite a bit more on her before the season ends.

As far as favorite game ever! I would have to say Crystalis on NES. I’m playing it right now on the youtubes! I’d then have to say Megaman 4 on the gameboy, World of Warcraft (played for 8 years before I gave it up, not that it wasn’t a great game, I just had a newborn son who demanded I not get involved in long engagements) and Team Fortress 2.


My first videogame was Mortal Kombat on sega mega drive, but later Puggsy really burned my eyes and heart for videogames!

Then i choose the PC for gaming, and i was never disappointed (duke nukem 3D, diablo, quake, red alert, baldur’s gate… etcetera!)


Minecraft, Dark Souls, Bioshock, Age of Empires, Caesar 3, the Jedi Knight games, Binding of Isaac, Knights of the Old Republic… My early childhood was a lot of old CRPGs and the Maxis sim games too, like Sim Life, Sim Earth, Sim Ant, etc. Probably explains why my favorite games today are RPGs and survival/construction games :smile:


Super Mario Brothers sealed my fate as a Game Developer at age 11.

These four games impacted me the most, because the features/mechanics/appearance influence how I design my games:

  • Budokan: The Martial Spirit
  • Samurai Shodown
  • No One Lives Forever
  • Splinter Cell


Oof, too many here too but again, interesting to see so many similar preferences. :slight_smile:
My current game time is mostly taken up by Path of Exile (if you like ARPGs, give this one a good try, it might be rough at the start but it’s worth the time investment! I’m playing since closed beta, feel free to ask me anything, try @tk_Crassus ingame) and Darkest Dungeon, another Kickstarter that was money well spent.

Oldies that weren’t just some fun on the side:
-Ascii roguelikes old and new
-Minecraft with the Millenaire mod (it seems pointless to me without as a singleplayer game) and the John Smith Texture Pack
-Metal Gear series
-Disgaea series + Final Fantasy Tactics + Tactics Ogre
-Final Fantasy VI to XIII, Suikoden 1
-Jagged Alliance 1 + 2, Fallout Tactics, X-Com/UFO + Xenonauts, Silent Storm + Silent Storm: Sentinels (they are awesome diamonds in the rough!)
-Elder Scrolls series, Baldurs Gate series, Ultima Underworld I, KotOR I
-the first two Katamari Damacy titles on PS2
-Shadow of the Colossus (the feels!)
-GTA series + Red Dead Redemption
-Tekken series, Rival Schools, Marvel vs Capcom series, Soul Calibur
-Doom I+II (11 year old me trying to explain to my mom why it’s ok to use that chainsaw on pixelated humanoids)
-Diablo I+II, Titan Quest, Hellgate London + Mythos (I liked the map system better than what later became Torchlight)
-Civilization I, II, IV + Colonization, Transport Tycoon
-Horizons/Istaria, Dark and Light, World of Warcraft (from vanilla to about 4 years ago, don’t like the modern overly streamlined version, loved the early RP-PVP days where you actually interacted with others)
-Demon Souls (still like the central hub a lot more than the Dark Souls style)
-Delta Force 2 and Joint Operations (liked it better than Battlefield 2)
-the old Call of Duty and Medal of Honor titles, Modern Warfare until Black Ops multiplayer, BF Bad Company 2 and BF 3 multiplayer (I’m way too slow for the every faster paintball style nowadays), Unreal Tournament series
-SSX 3, the older Tony Hawk titles
-Little Big Planet series and Borderlands with friends
-Monster Hunter series, preferably couch co-op or on PSP and 3DS while travelling
-Battle Isle II and History Line
-Gran Turismo series (bad games, great simulations) + Motorstorm series (when I just want to have mad fun), Midnight Club LA (pimp my ride), Burnout 1-3 (crash mode with lots of people :smiley:)
-Anstoss 1-3, Biing 1+2, Mad Tv (all great german managment games)


Recently, the atmosphere and gameplay of Hotline Miami amazed me! It is for sure one of the best indie games I’ve ever played.
Speaking of indie games I also enjoyed playing Faster Than Light and Starbound.

In a sense I’ve decided to support Moonman because I’ve found its design very similar to Starbound but I hope that Ben can avoid the mistakes made in the development of Starbound (too many disconnected in-game features, frustrating quests system, pointless story, too many bugs and slow development process, lack of a real atmosphere with profound NPCs).

In the good ol’ times, Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and most of all Ultima Online were the kind of games I literally worshiped.
It’s the kind of games that make you FEEL that there’s a whole new world for you to explore, a realistic world packed with meaning and thus, with meaningful challenges.


Currently I’m playing all the Monster Hunter 4 U I have time to fit in around work/partner/baby which isn’t a lot frankly.

Historically speaking I started with Atari ST, so formative games include Gods and Magic pockets (bitmap brothers) and the original Prince of Persia.

More recently I have found game such as Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Demon souls (and it’s successors), Dragon’s Dogma, Darkest Dungeon and Vagante to be where my head and heart live.


Lots of adventures (Sierra, Lucasarts and others), Myst series, System Shock, the Half Life series, and Minecraft of course.

A very recent game that fantastically combines elements of Minecraft, FPS and adventure is Radiation Island. You should definitely check the game and it’s design decisions out.


Ooooo… So many to choose from (from quite a large time period. Lol!) so little time.

So starting from the beginning…

Psi 5 trading company on the C64
Elite/Frontier (but not the mildly disappointing and barren Dangerous.)
Dune (the daddy of all modern RTS)
Mercenaries (a little known Amiga sci fi “dungeon crawler” but was the first game I ever played or saw that had 4 player split screen!)
And more recently…
Mass Effect trilogy (even though the 3rd one was disappointing to say the least. Lol!)
WoW (from Vanilla to Wrath of the Lich King… They lost me at Kung Fu pandas… Lol!)
City of Heroes/Villains (so much right… And so much wrong in one game. Lol!)
SWTOR (and the Old Republic games in general.)
Minecraft (we’ve all dabbled… Haven’t we? Havent we??)
Divine Divinity Original Sin

And that’s all I can think of right now… There are many many more, but lunch breaks only last so long. Lol!


By far the biggest impact on me is probably Doom. It’s brilliantly well designed, and an incredible technical feat. I can’t really remember any other games since that have pushed both technology and gameplay so far at the same time.


Hmmmm I’d say my favourite games (not in any order) would have to be…

Super Mario Kart. I still play it occasionally today. It had something the later Mario Karts all lacked in so much as it was a racer not a party game.

Morrowind. Spent more time than I care to mention on that game, flying around invisible, shooting magical nukes from the sky.

Dark Souls 2.

Kerbal Space Program.

May be counter strike.

edit. Just remembered Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen.


Some games that have had a big impact on my life include Roller Coaster Tycoon, Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac and Don’t Starve.


It depends on the system. Some of these aren’t technically great games, but they hold a special resonance for me.

Wizards and Warriors 1, 2, and 3
Dragon Quest (the original)
Final Fantasy
Legend of Zelda
Legend of Zelda: Link’s Quest
Megaman (all of them)
Conquest of the Crystal Palace
Castlevania (all of them)

Sega Genesis:

Chrono Trigger
Secret of Mana
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Super Metroid
Megaman X (all of them)
(many others, too many for this list)

Mario Kart 64
Super Mario 64
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TIme

Legend of Grimrock 1 and 2
Neverwinter Nights (the original before the xpacks)
Borderlands 1 and 2
World of Warcraft (all of it)
Hand of Fate (which is fantastic if a little easy)
Elder Scrolls (Daggerfall through Skyrim)
Fallout (the entire series but specifically 2)
and many many many more


My favorite game is Minecraft.
I also like RPG games, like Gothic II:NOTR (you probably haven’t heatd of it since its german) and Dragon Age: Origins. I think the Dragon Age is the only 3D game without a broken combat system :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a lot of money, FlipBeef…
Oh, and fancy seein’ you here! [:D]