Favourite Game?


There are so many! it’s so hard, but to name a few: Donkey Kong Country 2, Abe’s Odyssey, Megaman X4, Okami, Skyrim, The World Ends With You, Metal Gear Series, Resident Evil Series, and Civ 5. Oh, and SOTN. Oh, and the Kingdom Hearts games! I should stop.
Aren’t games awesome? So many stories, so much music, and so many good times shared with friends!


Ninja Gaiden Black (all-time favorite setting in a game)
Demon’s Souls + Dark Souls (maybe one day Dark Souls 2 will get some love)
Shadow of the colossus
Castlevania SOTN + AOS
Metroid Zero Mission
Viva Piñata

Wish I had more time for games, I’d like to expand the list


My first system was a atari 2600… Yes i’m old :frowning:
My favourite game is a old bullfrog game called syndicate, it was a isometric, squad based, rts with a cyberpunk theme.


Mine would be the ORIGINAL Fossil Fighters. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it had flaws… but the game was just flat out amazing! The plot was huge, and kept you going for weeks, there was the collection aspect of Pokemon, the fighting aspect of… well, Pokemon, there was a giant world that was a bit like… Pokemon… okay, fine! It’s like pokemon, but with a better plot and DINOSAURS! Still, it’s an awesome game, and I spent a LONG time trying to beat it. It’s the best one in the series. But then Nintendo screwed up. Fossil Fighters Frontier was the FIRST Fossil Fighters game for the N3DS, and it’s… A RACING GAME! NO! Bad Nintendo! Seriously, why?


I can honestly say my favorite game of all time was Super Mario World. It’s a priceless gem and the first game I ever played.


I forgot about Master of Magic by Symtex, an early 90s single-player, fantasy turn-based strategy game which I enjoyed playing.


Game of Life, haha :wink:


Syndicate was fun, didn’t they remake that recently?


+1 for Maniac Mansion and Simon the Sorcerer :zap:


The first person shooter abomination doesn’t count. Satellite reign looks promising as a spiritual successor, the alpha has been fun.


Oh right, yes I was thinking of Satellite Reign. Looks great!


I never had any motivation for killing those creatures, but I loved Ico instead.

Secret of Monkey Island was the game that we all played in school, but I have spent hours on Sensible Soccer, Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda, Shenmue. Recently it has to be Minecraft, brogue and Cataclysm DDA.


My Favorite game so far is The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
some more recent games that I like a lot is Terraria, Bayonetta 1/2, Gary’s mod, Hyrule Warriors, Binding of Isaac, and a lot more.
Games that I love that I can think off the top of my head is the 2 sonic adventure games, Super Mario Sunshine, the Tak series (Tak and the power of juju, staff of dreams, the great juju etc…) super mario world. Super Smash Bros series, Zelda Majoras Mask, Starfox Adventures (hate me I loved that game), Mario party 1-5, Minecraft, Luigi’s mansion, Metroid Prime 1 and 3. Metroid Fusion, Paper Mario the thousand Year door, Kirby’s air ride, Kirby’s epic yarn, kirby canvas curse, The Simpsons hit and run, Mario Kart series. every zelda game :stuck_out_tongue:, Cave story, VVVVVV, Star Tropics, Portal 1 and 2, Kingdom hearts series, and the Bit Trip series.


For anyone interested in older Bitmap Bros stuff etc., you can find it all here mostly in browser playable format: https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games


Must… think… best… game… AUGHHHHHHH brain explodes


oh awesome :smiley:


I should probably also say what my favorite game. I like alot of games but my favorite by far is Terraria, you won’t believe how much hours I have sunk into that game. Its in my opinion one of the best games of that genre and maybe the best game I have ever played. I also play minecraft sometimes but only with mods (vanilla doesn’t bother me that much anymore). Binding of isaac rebirht is also quite high on my list as is Kerbal space program and Don’t starve (you may say I like survival games :blush:)


It’s so cool how archive.org has that stuff. They have thousands of free ebooks and other things too.
Sadly they don’t check much of it before upload. Most of the games are very buggy or unplayable. Some of them are shareware, others are full version, it’s all very hit-n-miss. Still a very cool thing tho if you want to fool around briefly.

I noticed there’s a torrent going around it’s called “1001 old MS-DOS games” or something, sounds so cool! Gosh, there’s just not enough time in this life. :frowning:


5 month gravedig, that’s pretty brave. :crazy:


I always imagine future archaelogists with super technology that go through the whole (1980-2050) internet, extracting zips and executables and running them, trying to understand our culture more.