Favourite games in development?


Let’s list some great games which are currently in development. Here’s some of my favourites from TIGsource:

Rain World devlog


** Delver ** devlog

** Crawl ** devlog

** Environmental Station Alpha ** devlog


Rimworld, it’s like prison architect visually and is about crash landing on another world.

Satellite reign, syndicate’s spirtiual successor… A squad based cyberpunk rts.

… And moonman.

(Nobody mention houselegs)


Let’s make a nice thread with images/gifs and links :smiley:


Robocraft, an awesome online arena thing. (It won #1 on IndieDB for 2014, even!)

Terasology, an insanely pretty Minecraft clone.


Rainworld looks really cool. Love the art-style and atmosphere. On a similar note, I’m really excited for Slain By Wolf Brew. Almost funded on Kickstarter!


Secrets of Graindea

Stardew Valley

Heart Forth Alicia


The Universim

Honorable mentions

Terraria 1.3 update
Terraria Overworld
Tom Clancy’s: The Division
Castle Story
and so many more!!!


WOO ROBOCRAFT!!! Best PvP game ever made! I LOVE IT!


Moonman obviously ^.^

Also I can’t wait to play


Slain KS

-Project Rain World

Rain World KS

-Children of Morta

Children of Morta KS

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Strafe -

7 Days to Die -

No Man’s Sky -

Darkest Dungeon -

There’s plenty more too but most of those have already been covered, and while i’m loving this thread I can already hear my wallet begin to weep :V


No Man’s Sky looks simply amazing, shame I only have a Mac now :frowning:


Darkest Dungeon looks so great :slight_smile:




Vagante is super rad: http://vagantegame.com


My PC is really starting to struggle playing games now but there’s so many games coming out that i’m gonna want to play D: Think i’m gonna have to bite the bullet and start saving up for a new rig!


Firewatch is quite intriguing…


Also Unraveled looks great. It’s on Kickstarter, if you’re into adventure/RPG games and wanna give a few bucks. I know I will pretty soon. Oh and Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana) seems to be into it :moonman:


Discovered a beautifully atmospheric old school style point and click, inventory-based adventure/puzzle game on Kickstarter which reminds me of Simon The Sorcerer and Grim Fandango. It already passed its funding goal and there’s still a couple hours left to get a copy of the game :smile:

The Song Of Seven : Chapter 1


My favs are,

IRW(intergalactic race warriors)

No man’s sky

cobalt by mojang

Planetoid pioneers by data realms

Nikra by endesga :blush:


Hell yeah. That game is definitely one of the best I’ve played, can’t wait for updates.


Cobalt isn’t made by Mojang… Oxseed made it. Mojang PUBLISHED it.


And yes I know that.