February 11th, 2017


Updated high-level interface to mountain, including ore spec, trees (iron oak), ice seam, and entrances.

Added a symbolic mining tool tip. In the screenshot hovering over the shovel shows 2 digging and 1 mining power, and hovering over the hard clay shows that it requires 2 digging power; therefore, you know that the shovel will be capable of mining it. I’ll like to extend this system at some point to support the blocks like WEB which can be destroyed by any tool, but only drops web when mined with the a FINE 1 tool. Another extension is to have additional special symbols etc. We’ll see how it goes!

Most of this week was spent on creating promotional material for the game, including: the new website, steam assets, itch.io page, and so on. We built the website using Bootstrap as a base. The website is really simple and has a landing page, an about game page, a buy page, and some secondary pages like the changelog, presskit, etc. I used something called Mako to help generate the pages from simpler templates. All in all I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to show you guys.


That should be much more intuitive. :smile:


Man, i’m getting really hyped for the beta! Stay strong!


Thanks guys!


that’s a really fun little visual for showing mining power! i like it. very moonman.


We can’t say that anymore :frowning: the name changed to Evermoon, or something else that I didn’t suggest.

@ben when are we going to know the new name anyway?


Not until it’s out or you receive a pre-beta test! Hang onto your knickers salt. :crazy: