Forum is back online


I woke up to a message from @Lemoncreme saying the forum was down. I checked, it was. Long story short, the forum backups filled up the hard-drive on the server, and broke the forum software.

After an hour of poking around I fixed it. and now we’re back! :owl:


I was wondering what this mysterious 504 message was… 404 was nowhere to be found.


Yeah, I wish it could have displayed a better error message. 504 is basically the same thing as a 404.


Did the entire Disqus forums engine suddenly faint or was it the Moonman specific server?


Ben’s server ran out of storage.


Wow, really? I thought there was barely any data on this forum. Our community is tiny…


Yeah I’ll have to look into it more closely if it happens again. There was at least 24 backups of size 500Mb … so 12 gb in backups alone. I reduced that to 12 for now, all backups are sent to Amazon S3 anyway.

The server specs were very minimal: 30Gb hard drive and 1 Gb ram, but i’ve now increased that a little bit.

But you’re right, the data should be really small … even with all the gifs I upload.


Strange. Data error? Junk data? Maybe?


Could be. Tbh I much prefer to spend time on gamedev rather than sysadmin, and I may even upgrade to paid support for the forum if I have problems in the future. Which means more moonman for you . :crazy:


It’s kind of weird… calling the game Moonman when we know it’s going to be something different in the future. People who go looking at old posts when the game is a few years old will be REALLY confused. Not that that’s a bad thing huehue




Hmm… I don’t know what you mean by that. Please iterate further.


My moon my man?


LessManLessMoon. See what I did there? See? Okay, I’ll go away…






What has this thread devolved into?