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Here’s a thread where you talk about… anything. It’s completely off-topic, so you can talk about anything without breaking the rules. There’s no thread currently, other than this one, so I think we need a thread where you just… talk. Go nuts.


I just wrote a web page that redirects to a random science or applied maths article on wikipedia. I’ve set it as my homepage so I can learn a different topic every morning.

Learn all the things! :crazy:


One reason I love videogames is because doing things is much less work than the real world.


Yes… yes… true… however. Since video games physically exist, in the form of magnetism, they are in the real world and thus that statement is false, since it is differentiating video games and reality, when they are one and the same.


Yes yes, however. Two things having something in common does not make them the same, so that statement is false.

Additionally, there is a sense in which “reality” is a subjective interpretation of phenomena experienced by your meatsack. Perception is an experience of the mind which physically exists, so anything perceived in a sense can be said to exist.


That was not the point of my argument. My argument was that video games are real, which the origin statement contradicted:


I did not expect this thread to go existential that quickly…


I’ve been playing around with Unity, just started using it.
Made this:


Nice. Reminds me of Env for some reason…


Another Unity thing I’ve created, this is definitely going to be a full game:


I want to watch that… but our maxed out internet says pay up. Youtube uses an incredible amount of bandwidth.


Great video :smiley:

Oh god no, words, argh …

I started making a little roguelike over my break with moonscript. This may turn into something bigger, but today I’m back at work on Moonman. Rejoice.


I kinda want to test that game…


Any chance you could post (or link to) a quick bit about the guts that proc-gen a map like that? I wouldn’t mind toying with the algorithm myself just to get a peek into how the whole business works :moonman_gradient:

Says the guy with the PhD :crazy: Surely that required words of some sort. Fancy ones, even!


I was just using a lib, but I think it’s a simple grid-based system. Check out There’s so many different approaches, and I bet that map generation for classic roguelikes are one of the most written about aspects of game design.

It was a picture book … :wink:


Neat, thanks for the link! I had no idea there was such a wealth of public information on it. You probably just killed my productivity for the next few days… and what’s worse is it will look like I’m actually doing work :crazy:

Sheesh, those must have been some awesome pictures! :moonman_squid:


np :smiley: get a good roguelike kit and start coding!

rot.js / javascript
libtcod / c++, python, other bindings available
rotlove / lua, moonscript


I’m serious. I want to test that game. Primitive games such as that attract me for some reason.

Any chance you have the files around somewhere?


It’s not a game, just a basic thing.Go play TGGW for a super fun and accessible roguelike – one of my favourite ‘simple’ ones. For something more complex, give [DC:SS] ( (Dungeon crawling) or C:DDA (Post apocalyptics sandbox). And then there’s Cogmind, a next-gen RL made by my good friend.


Then could I test that basic thing?