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I just beat back to back… i feel stupid for not thinking of it sooner but I made a rusher to block the enemies from scoring.

Once I did that the mission was super easy.

This is my new rusher… he rushes the base, blocks the enemy then helps score.


Wow that looks awesome, thanks for sharing!


So I’ve been seeing a few back-to-school things around… pretty normal, even for halfway through summer. But my browser just popped up my school’s sign-in that I haven’t accessed in a month. It’s trying to tell me something. “YOU CANNOT ESCAPE SCHOOL, YOU DELUSIONAL TWAT. SUMMER’S HALFWAY OVER AND YOU BETTER KNOW IT.”


What blew my mind were the Halloween decorations that started appearing in stores in freaking July. So have no fear, you’re apparently right around the corner from your winter break already. I guess we’ve just all decided to “round up” to 2017.


Kinda reminds me of Halloween 2 years ago. We went to drop off my brother at his friend’s house… and saw a CHRISTMAS TREE. Fully decorated. On Halloween.


That always irritates me. There’s a house near a friend of mines that has a christmas tree with lights up year round.


Well, to be fair, we kept up a Halloween decoration for years on end. But our chimney is ugly white brick, so we have an excuse.


Oh cool :slight_smile: Is that the program, in the lower image? A flow chart type thing?


You didn’t ask me, but from what I can gather that’s the block-based AI you set up, while the other images are the AI in action. Basically virtual Lego Mindstorms, with less complexity.


Anybody else hyped for No Man’s Sky? I’ve seen gameplay and it’s way more complex than I thought, which is a good thing. So much work went into that game it’s amazing. I’m going to play it, whether via WINE or Dual-Booting. I want it that much. Just exploring planets for hours on end…


Yes, that’s a logic tree


My best score on crossfire (the last mission) is 5/6 bots left all at 75-100% health.
This is using just 1 AI for all the bots, I can post the AI if you want to see it.


Everything I hear about shiatsu massage, I think I should start a shih tzu massage place. The staff will rub small dogs on your back


I am hyped but my backlog of games is so big I think it’ll be No Ben’s Sky. Maybe in mid-2017 I’ll have time to check it out, but it looks totally up my alley – in fact I’ll be making a procedural planet game in the next decade for sure.


And in other news, the forum crashed last night just before I was going to bed. The server ran out of space! I fixed it temporarily but in a couple of months I’ll probably do a a big cleanup and upgrade – I’d really like to keep this open for the game, even though there’ll be itch and steam sub forums too.


I hope this is kept open. The Steam Forums are a no-go for me (toxicity is unavoidable there), and I’m not sure about Itch just yet…


Ah ok, thanks for the input - I haven’t used the Steam forums so it’s good to hear about some experiences. I’d love to keep this forum open, it’s really cool that you guys hang out here and chat about stuff.


Found you an engine:


One guy threatened to punch me over and over because I pointed out a problem with his idea for Robocraft. Another guy thought that anybody who got a pay-only part MUST be hacking. There’s ZERO chance they could have just paid. The list goes on and on…


To give you more of a better idea of what the Steam Forums are like, I went on to the Robocraft forums there and picked some threads:

~ Buy my robo (There was a mad emoticon but this forum auto-adds it)
~ CAUTION: There ARE hackers in the game… (TT_TT)""
~ This game sucks now

And the grand winner: “Add to make more awesome”. This is the entire thread:

“So i think somthing epic to add to the game would be a robitic grappling
hook think about it say your a car robot and u wanna fly to the enemies
u can use the grappling hook to hook onto a heli and when u wanna get
off u press a button also to select your target to hook on have a
similar thing to the shield where whereever you look it shoots it this
would make robocraft epic”