General Thread


nope sorry, would require like an hour to figure out how to package it with all its dependencies

BUT … there may be a thing in the pipeline where you could play it in the browser. so stay tuned.

but seriously, play those games!


Already bookmarked Cogmind. I was blown away at the title… didn’t even see what it was. No regrets… just GAME.

Oh… and I might get to play Goblin Moon at some point? Definitely staying tuned. Glues radio to forehead


At work we have yellow reflective vests for when we move the planes… So i decided to draw on mine, i know it isnt moonman but this is a general thread so i decided to share.


aw yeh tmnt i love it <3 :turtle:


Nice work.


Yeah @salt I thought you had that screen printed, not hand-drawn! TMNT FTW!


I also assumed this was printed. Excellent!


I was playing with pastels and i drew my wife (pic of her included for comparision) my porportions are off but i think it turned out ok.

Im out of practice, i used to draw all the time… Curse you gainful employment!


Cool, I love drawing. I tried to draw Steph once, but it was so bad I never tried again, haha :smiley:

Meanwhile, over on twitter


I hereby deem this Sir Moonblob The First. You may all bow to it’s greatness.


I think it looks more like a green mango :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no the twitter link is broken so I can’t back up that joke anymore!


Ha, oh looks like that dude deleted the tweet, haha …


That’s… strange.


welcome to people! :smiley:


I wouldn’t want it any other way.


Thinking about “People” always makes me sad. So many wrong choices… SO MANY WRONG CHOICES. Honestly, once humans (eventually) go extinct or at least leave Earth it’ll be one of the best days the planet has ever had.


It’s true, but also lots of amazing choices. We’ll go extinct for sure, even if its just because we run out of resources in our solar system. Best things about people: They are curious, they can be kinder than the kindest animal, they make video games, they invented language, they know the age of the universe, they will give birth to The Sentience, they are master storytellers, …


We can still have a lasting legacy. very cool things are happening with biomimetics and a.i., one day i hope to get to talk to a true strong a.i.


It’ll definitely occur in our lifetime. I doubt it’ll have intentions like a human but will definitely be able to hold an interesting conversation and answer technical questions.

I’m super interested in the creative possibilities. “Ok computer, re-write Tolkien in 100 pages and simple language so my 5 year old can understand it.”


Good luck with that.