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I went to school for offset lithography and ended up in aerospace


We’re reaching obscure job levels that shouldn’t even be possible.


Offset lithography = printing press


If commie is slang for communist then if democracy was spelled debocracy the slang would be debbie.

“Those damn debbies are at it again”

“You filthy debbie”

“Their entire country is filled with debbies”

please don’t ban me ben


Have you made any animations yet? I know there are a lot of programs available




On a more serious note, yes. If you count a badly made flash animation that was 3 weeks overdue (okay seriously how was my teacher okay with that) and me messing around with that GUI screenshot ben took then I have made some animations.


A bad start is still a start, I’m sure you learned a lot from it. I tried to smelt some brass for a lost foam casting project yesterday. It didn’t go well but I learned a lot about what I did wrong and how to do better next time :sweat_smile:


My nephews and niece did something called ‘muddy hell’ where they ran around in mud. The youngest was a bit scared so I jumped in there and waded through waste-high mud while carrying him. Haha :crazy:


here’s another shot – don’t mind my hobo beard…


We have endurance race here called tough mudder


I have a lot of hobbies


Fear not your hobo bear is majestic.

I meant to say beard but this is much better.


Yeah we have the same here, this was run by the same company but is a kid’s version.

If only I had time to draw this… XD


I might have some time


There’s just not enough trees for them to drop from, so some of them have to resort to begging. :sob: #SaveTheDropBears




For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you could help protect the habitat of the majestic hobo bear.



Every year more and more drop bears are forced to live on the streets. You can help them by tossing your xmass tree on your roof at the end of the year. A tree on your roof provides drop bears in your area with a nesting place, and keeps them off the streets.
So please, toss your tree on your roof.




Aw yeh , another classic illustration by Will. :moonman:

:open_mouth: discuss.moonman gets political :open_mouth: