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But nobody has lied yet.


that’s a lie


“I’m a drop bear but I don’t…” #NotAllDropBears
“Questions Drop Bears Have For White People”
“I identify as a non-binary trans drop bear”
“10 reasons why drop bears are a feminist issue”
“Which drop bear should you ban?”

…did I miss any BuzzFeed memes?


“Here are true facts about the Drop Bear…”


You know, I think we should just stop for a moment and enjoy this forum. Because when this game releases, it’ll be totally different. There won’t be just around 10 of us posting, possibly thousands if the game sells well. We won’t be able to instantly recognize almost anybody who posts and thousands of threads will crowd this place. So I’m just going to appreciate the little forum we’ve got here before it’s gone.


Yeah it’s been nice hanging out with you lot. :slight_smile: I have no idea what kind of traffic this place will get after release, especially as Steam has its own forum. We’ll see!

In related news I’ll probably relocate this forum to a different URL just before release, but I’ll setup a redirect here.


I thought about that too @ScarecrowAtMidnight, I’ve read so many post by the same people that I feel like I know them. Feels like a little family


yeah, I’ll miss this a lot when the game comes out…


My wife and I are celebrating our first anniversary this weekend. We are taking a trip to Canada, to spend a little time together in Vancouver.


Nice. Should be interesting, considering what I’ve heard about Vancouver. Hope you have a good time!


The idea for vampires probably started off with “You know what would be awesome? REVERSE FANGS!”

These are the things that keep me up at night.


They need to sun tan all the time and crave Italian food. Too bad the term day walker is already taken.


I’m back from my anniversary, and I’m managed to get sick.
I also tried poutine for the first time, I thought it was ok.


Oh that sucks. I had my honeymoon in Vietnam yonks ago and got sick half way through. And during my trip to USA I got sick. Wish I could take a temporary immunity pill that protects against all viruses.


Yes I remember you were sick, but you still took time to come meet me and that means a lot to me. :laughing:


ooooooooo, how was Vietnam :crazy:


i have seen what cannot be unseen


Well it was forever ago, but we really enjoyed it! We visited most of the country, from Ho Chi Minh city all the way up to Sapa in the north. I think Ha Long Bay was my favourite part.


My friend Quan wants me to go with him, he is a Vietnamese national. It’s on my list, for now I’m going back to Cambodia in December


Kicks down door to family gathering

I came here to pet your dogs and eat your food…