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It would be cool to meet someone from the forum while I’m on vacation.


Now all I can think of is someone eating dog tails on a stick while petting a plate of squash passionately.


glad you enjoyed it. I’m actually from vietnam :crazy:


I want to go, my father in law travels there to go to the doctor. He doesn’t trust the doctors in cambodia


Oh, hi! I remember we were in Nha Trang and walked by some little kids and they said “Hello!” in english. Then my wife and I said “Xin Chào” back and they were shocked, haha. Had a really nice time there. One of my good uni friends is Vietnamese and I think that’s partially the reason we decided to go there.


@ScarecrowAtMidnight things are happening on twitter…


ha oh i’m not actually making them, i just saw the trello card and it made me think of how ECS encourages this kind of combinatoric design


Interesting… very interesting… I wonder if this inventory stuff could be applied to massive creatures, like in order to loot their corpse you open an inventory on each body part. That could be interesting.


Actually, maybe making a moving chest in the game would be a good idea. Like finding an item that attracts an animal that will hold items for you or something. Like Chester from Don’t Starve.


I could see both of these things working. :slight_smile:


“You know, I don’t understand why gay people don’t come out to their families if they know their families will accept them. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Realizes he’s bisexual






Oh there was a big piece on rimworld earlier this week about bisexuality.


I expected a massive argument in the comments. I was not disappointed.


I’m a pirate king in that game… somewhere I have the details on the character. Let me know if you get killed by salt and his spiderbots


I’ve never played but this quote has me amazed.


During tynan’s Kickstarter he offered a reward where you can create a pirate king that will be a random encounter in the game. I named mine salt the reluctant pirate and his weapon is a spider bots launcher.

I’m going to look for a screenshot of the info



Ha hey that’s really cool :slight_smile: