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Elections are happening.

I’m scared.

I’m not even American.


We are all scared.



Glares at screen more

“This is not going according to plan”


It’s over now



All of North America will be going through a dark 4 years… I’m very scared.


This is close to where I live, there are protests going on too… no riots yet.


Well that was a surprise. I don’t see the evilness in Trump that others seem to, but stay vigilant and pay attention to what’s going on in government. Hope you all are safe from the riots and things. My friends live in Portland and there were riots there.


Hey Ben! I just remembered something. A while back, the developers of Robocraft wanted to pinpoint where the lag was coming from for low-end users. How did they do that? They bought the wonderful amazing CRAPTOP! In essence, a Craptop is an old, slow laptop that is meant to give the developers a look at what low-end users are getting from the game. While I doubt a pixelated game like Moonman would slow down any sufficient device, you might want to keep this in mind for the future.


The kids in my programming class were having some issues regarding the spelling of “colour”. The program wants it to be spelled “color”, but we live in Canada and thus type it as “colour”. One kid then said something along the lines of “can I get Canadian Java?”

And now all I can think of is Java but instead of putting a semicolon at the end of each line you type “, eh?”


Ooh yes can I have one too please :stuck_out_tongue: Actually I have many old laptops lying around, but I dare not turn them on in case they explode with ancient battery malfunctions.

Yeah this is the worst. I often have things like

“var colour = new Color();”

because any code I write has to be spelled correctly. :smile:




He was later found dead after accidentally getting in the middle of a Chicago vs New York style pizza argument.

(That’s deep dish vs thin crust for those of you not in america)


“Father… I have discovered a wonderful cultural invention that came from this technology. It is called … a meme…”





“You can’t just go out and smoke a gay cigarette”


Someone referred to a cigarette as a “fag”? I never understood why they are called that in Europe


No, we don’t do that. One of my friends, however…


I was cooking at the local homeless shelter recently, it was a lot of fun.

Oh and @ben I’m going to be in cambodia in a few days, I will try to remember to get a picture of ankor wat wearing a moonman t-shirt. Maybe I can mail you something, you like oranges right :wink:


Woah, good on you dude, what a great citizen you are! :slight_smile:

Enjoy Cambodia! ha yeah oranges right THEY ARE POISON


I’m just worried that you don’t get enough vitamin C lol