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haha well i eat an inordinate amount of vegetables and i’m sure there’s a vitamin or two in those… :wink:


I wish I could upvote this idea more than once

Edit: Especially if what you meant was Angkor Wat actually wearing the t-shirt though I’m pretty sure that would be illegal…


It’s not my first time going there, I hope to see more of it this time. There are too many ruins to see in just one day


Lol don’t corrupt the beauty of that masterpiece




I’m flying out Thursday night, I’m beyond exited to take a long vacation in cambodia again.


that’d be the worst marketting campaign ever – graffiti’ing giant green faces on an ancient monument


Then we will need to build our own monument


one day i’m going to live in a tall tower, and have one room per floor. it’ll be on the coast, with a giant telescope on the roof.


Pointed away from the coast and at my neighbors window


I helped build the house my parents live in. Yoi can get a lot more house for your money if you build it.
I used to do construction before I became a aircraft mechanic.


Ok I will definitely contract you as my tower builder. It will be amazing.


Sorry I only build things with wings now, did you want wings on that tower?


I saw on the news that you were spending $4b on a new plane for the president? Wowee that’s a lotta green :dollar:


Trump says it costs too much, I think he’s holding out for a better deal. Honestly why buy a new one (even though it would help those us at Boeing) when you could refurbish one?

That’s been big talk around here, the 747 program is dieing for business and that would help a lot. I think that program is going to be phased out in favor of the midsized 777’s


777-x is coming out soon and that will be bigger than the 777-300’s we build now so the 747 would just be a anachronism.


You speak model numbers like I’m supposed to understand, haha. :airplane:

I’ve been in a 747. I think we have some 777’s over here… though tbh I couldn’t tell you the difference.

It’s like when someone asks me what model car I have … I don’t know, it’s a car, it’s small, etc. :wink:


Two big things you could notice are … 777’s have 4 engines, 777’s have 2 and 747 has a hump on its back.


Which is it man?!


Lol without you telling me some details, I have know idea.