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Honestly I’m surprised they’re still using 747s for AF1. I figured it woulda been a 777, 787 or even a friggin 380 at this point. Something more modern. I’m sorry to hear the 747 program is losing steam because I’ve always been a big fan of them but it was bound to happen eventually. I remember being a kid and watching documentaries on the development of the 777. And now I fly in them all the damn time (the 300s mostly). And I gotta say… Prez needs an upgrade.

Also it’s $3.2B and it’s for 2 planes, and they’re literally the most state-of-the-art planes on the planet by far (Prez gotta make war from the air, fam), so… I’m pretty sure that tweet was right before they caught Trump doing this:


300’s are mostly what I work on now, I haven’t seen a 200 roll out in years. Back when I was working on the 747 line I worked on the -800 and the first -800I (the “I” is for intercontinental)


I’ve actually seen that video before, it’s really cool to see primitive technology.


But can they go into space?


Sadly, no. Maybe we should put Elon Musk on the job!


Goodbye seattle, hello phnom pehn. I’m bringing moonman with me… I’ll post some pics


reminds me of a certain other controversial advertising stunt


shoot, sorry for the late reply :moonman_closed:


Greetings from Taiwan, I’m almost in Cambodia. I will complete my mission, I will not fail.


Godspeed, sir! Send many photographs.


Have fun, and don’t die.


also, guess who I found when I was playing rhythm heaven.


This is from the 5th floor of my in laws house.

This is from the alley.
Believe it or not this is across the street from the largest mall in cambodia (aeon)


Glad you made it safely! All I have to say is… MOAR PIKTARZ (ya know, if you have time. Don’t wanna ruin your vaca)




It’s going to be a few days before I make it to ankor wat, right now we are preparing for our wedding. (Our second one)



I want a holiday too :moonman_closed:


:wink: well hurry up and get here, we’re waiting.

The money here looks beautiful.


see you in 2019 :wink: