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I think this looks better than the regular logo


The other day we did some pre-wedding photos (This isn’t how we will be dressed)

This is closer to how we will dress

This is where I’m staying.
love it so far.
I think we will head to siem reap (where angkor wat is) on the 19th. This is the first time my parents and my sister have been to Asia, and they love it so far


Looking snazzy dudes :smiley:


You clean up nice, salt! And your wife is gorgeous in those dresses. Are we gonna get some of the actual wedding pics too?


The wedding starts tomorrow and ends sometime the next day. There will be lots of pictures.


This is a “stupa”, that’s what they call graves.
Obviously this stupa is for a very important person.


As promised, Angkor Wat.

Bonus birthday pic.


It’s your birthday too?? What’s next, a baby announcement? :crazy: Happy birthday bud :moonman:


Lol, well her birthday was the 16th, our wedding was the 17th, and my birthday was the 18th… busy week.

No baby yet, unless she isn’t telling me something lol.


I found this guy at one of the temples. I learned (after some googling) that it’s called a wasp spider. That’s a female, I can tell because the male is brown.

Yes I’m that guy. The guy who is surrounded by beautiful temples and still says “wow that’s a cool bug, I wonder what it’s called?”


Case and point, this dragon fly. (Still need to Google this one)
The picture isn’t doing it justice. They are little red dragonflies with forward swept wings. After some googling, all I can find is people calling them “red dragonflies” but there are lots of types of red dragonflies so I’m sure there’s a different name out there somewhere.


Salt, this is how I imagine you (don’t worry I’m the same way, and it annoys my wife):


This, but with more childlike wonder.


Tomorrow I’m going to the floating village… interested in seeing some pics?


I’m going to assume this is a rhetorical question :owl:


:bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee:


Awesome pics, thx Salt! Carrying the Moonman fire around the world. :moonman:

No Thomas, No




It’s the first day of Winter!


In some parts of the world! Here it’s still 9PM. Also I truly appreciate that image.

Also, happy Summer, @ben!