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Cheers, yep nice and summery here! I think 33C on boxing day.


What is boxing day?, please tell me it’s the one day a year that you can punc)h people in the face.


Oh lol, i thought it was a common thing. It’s just what the day after xmas is called here. No idea why, no boxing involved.


Oh ok, that’s not a thing where I’m from.


I guess it’s just called a Bank Holiday for you guys. Boxing Day involves:

  • Boxing Day sales, where mad hordes of people run around stores fighting each other for discounts
  • A Cricket Match
  • Having a bbq on the beach in the blistering sun


It’s not too late to start a tradition where you punch people

I got a bit too much sun today.


I think Boxing Day is pretty common in most British colony types of places. I know at least Canada and the UK celebrate it. It’s even printed on most of our calendars, which was a minor sort of amusement to my when I was growing up. I always envisioned it being a day where huge boxing tournaments were held, possibly to determine political positions or something like that. Like an election but cooler.



Weather looks so good there. It’s pretty nice here in Melb over xmas, about 25-35C all week.


Looks at thermostat


This is warm.


It’s 23c right now. (The “C” is for communist scale lol)


Or is it for Cambodia? 23 Cambodias. Nah maybe it’s Centipede. 23 Centipedes. This makes intuitive sense to me because the number of centipedes nearby corresponds directly with my level of anxiety. 23 of them would be pretty far into the freak-out zone.


I saw a mascot that looked almost exactly like moonman, it was for a company called smart spot. I missed my chance to snap a pic.


It’s Christmas, so I thought a snowman was in order.
I’m kind of sad that I only have a few days left before I go back home and have to work again.


Christmas SandMan! And another neat bug! I’m sorry it’s almost over but I’m totally jealous you got to take that trip.


Merry Christmas to those of you that celebrate it, and happy holidays to those that don’t! Here’s an ornament I saw at my father-in-law’s house that I thought was somewhat relevant on this forum. But I’m not sure any Australian would be caught dead dressed like that for Christmas considering that it’s 30 Centipedes there around this time:


I promised myself I would fire a RPG the next time I was in cambodia. Well the day has come, wish me luck… pics to come.





Oh god Will why, be safe near the killing things.


Video of FOOOOOM & KABOOM! Coming soon.