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I shot a oil drum, there were other things to play with too.
AK-47’s, M-16’s, a grenade launcher, rocket launcher…and i saw a belt fed gun but I didn’t get a good enough look to identify it.

My brother in law shot a M-16, and I played with a AK


I kept re-reading the phrase “fire an RPG” with my brain going “That’s got to be a typo, did he mean FIND an RPG? No that doesn’t make sense…” Then three posts down it hit me…

Very cool video, I’m pretty jealous to be honest! :crazy:[quote=“ben, post:560, topic:1424”]

Exactly! :moonman_shock:


I need to make a new bucket list. Maybe I should add "ride a dinosaur " to my list and see if I can make it happen.


Woow, that is insane. Glad you enjoyed it!

The only thing on my bucket list is to go into space.


That’s a good goal. I think sometime in the near future the price will drop enough that people like you and me could afford it.


i made a silly map maker that uses emojis




i see


I looks like this, scarecrow.


Yeah it uses the emojis you have installed, so doesn’t work on all machines unfortunately. I started to make a version that uses a standard font set, but I’m going away on holidays tomorrow and ran out of time!


I’m stopping in japan on my way back. I’ve never been there so, this should be fun.


@ben This might be my new favorite thing

So jealous…


I got no sleep on the plane… I’m in Tokyo now, it’s 8am here


“Pair look with your Child”

What on earth…


Sounds like a great trip Will. I’m back from my short trip to the beach, and am ready for a big year of game development!


I’ll show you around in 2019.


I don’t usually listen to songs with lyrics… but wow.

Let’s play FIND THE 1000 HIDDEN MEANINGS. With everyone’s favorite contestant: YOUTUBE COMMENT SECTION THEORIES


I checked out the latest alpha for rimworld and tried to spawn my pirate king (kicksarter reward).

The problem I ran into is the weapon I designed wasn’t spawning… so i contacted Tynan (he’s really nice), turns out my weapon didn’t make the cut :sweat:. So after talking to him some more we came up with a alternative weapon, a auto-shotgun (inspired by a semiautomatic one I own)

So if you play rimworld keep a eye out for a auto-shotgun in a future alpha :sunglasses:


Man I wish I could play games!




made some new music in ableton Live. it isnt my main DAW, but im learning! :crazy: