General Thread


Sounds like the kind of music I would expect from lemon jelly. If you haven’t heard of them, go check them out.


Happy valentine’s day everyone




this is important





It’s been a month.

You guys still here?

Did the new forums go up already and I never noticed?

It’s way too quiet and I don’t play video games that much anymore, so there’s not much to do. I want somebody to talk to.


Hey dude! I’ve put the devlog on halt until the game launch, it takes too much time and with baby duties my time is scarce. I’m pretty active over on Twitter still if you ever want to chat!

Looking forward to getting the devlog and forum back up after the beta launch!


Thanks for the update ben!


NP :slight_smile:


Quick question. When the new forums go up, will all the topics here be retained or will we have to start over? Just curious.


How’s the game coming along?


I just realized how long this game has been in development :moonman_inverse:


busy busy busy, getting a lot of the final touches in but still a month or two away. hang in there! :moonman:





oooh 0-0


Has anyone seen the trailer for Noita ( Looks interesting…


woah cool, thanks for the link! this went under my radar, but i’m a fan of hempuli and petri perho both, this should be good!


here’s a reminder that the game is still alive!