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There is a Youtube video in my recommendations that is titled…


…I do not think humans evolved with an emotion to properly react to that.


I need more reminders!


An idea when we will receive a release? Just to know.


Hey whats up, I’m Alex.

I work on the game as an artist and game designer. Here is a screenshot!


Hey Ovnidemon, Early Access still feels like two months away. Would love to share our progress (we’re doing a lot!) but unfortunately don’t have the time.


It makes 2 months now, it’s scandalous, * Insert swears* * Insert complains about the developpers* * Insert Request of refunding* * Continue this until you reach to the bottom of your vocabulary*.

Anyway, how is your girl? Did she already have her first tooth?


Haha, believe me, i’m the one who’s swearing the most. Release is still going to be a short while away – but I’m all out of promises and estimates, I’m working at capacity and the game will be ready when it’s ready. :moonman:

Baby is doing really well, thanks, yes she has her first two baby teeth, and we had her first swimming lesson on the weekend.


nice :smiley: Thanks for the small update!


Happy new year.


Happy new year :smiley: Any updates on the game?


Happy New Year :smiley: No updates! Boring! :moonman_confused:


Just a regular post for the general thread:
how is things going ben? Any post on the state on the development soon? How is paternity going by the way?


Parenting is great, thx thexface. :slight_smile:

Nothing interesting in development, the last week or two I’ve been chasing down various stability bugs and rewriting the controller system. Currently I’m fixing the system which caches the tiles. By fixing some bugs I introduce others, but that’s the nature of this stuff. Hoping to wrap this system-level stuff up soon because there’s still a few gameplay things I want to finish before launching the beta.

As always, thanks for hanging in there. :moonman_inverse:


Still nothing new?


Just getting the last few things together before the private beta test. Have added proper controller support, all sound effects and tracks are done, free-build mode is in, new menus are finished, some new effects like rain are in there, lots of general tidying up and bugfixing.

I miss updating my devlog but have zero time for it! Game is out very soon (hopefully May).


Here we go…



Great news! Well done Ben and the team!
(I admit I was starting to think it would never get done…)


Excellent news!

So is there still a private Beta phase or are you just going to concentrate on the release version?


Oh wait I logged in as the wrong user…been a while clearly :wink:

Glad things have started to come to a close for you anyway.


Yep there’ll be a private beta phase for a couple of weeks, just to catch any last issues. If you signed up on the other post you’ll probably get a copy soon!