General Thread


How is it going?


First group of testers are playing the game and I’m spending most of my time addressing their feedback. Mostly it’s been super positive, but there’s a few places where I can streamline the game a bit, and so I am. No critical issues so that’s great. Still hope to have it out by end of June!


Is there a way to test the beta?


It’s just a small group of friends at the moment … I was going to do a larger test, but I don’t think it’s necessary anymore. The game seems pretty stable and there aren’t major issues. Once it’s released the ‘real’ testing begins though, and I’d love for you all to try it out then and give me lots of feedback! :moonman_confused:


I can’t believe I missed the game becoming more active again.


Second round of testing is now being done. We’ve just got to work on the trailer and sort all the press stuff and I think we’re good to go. Still hoping June release! :confused:


Just came here to say I’ve loved following this game for years and visually it looks like a work of art. Happy to see that extra time and care has gone into making the game!

I’ve noticed this forum isn’t too active at the moment, are there more communities for MoonQuest to keep an eye on?


Thanks blixt, sorry for the late reply, I was so busy! I think following me on twitter is the best way to see moonquest stuff, but hopefully this forum picks up a little now that the game is out. And there’s also the MoonQuest Steam Forums





…now I just have to get enough money to buy it.


Congratulations for the release Ben, we all know you’ve done such a great effort for reaching this point!


Congratulations for the release Ben

Thanks! It was a long slog to get here, and I’m pretty worn out but excited at all the people playing it and hope to start releasing more content soon! Thanks to everyone on this forum for all the encouragement along the way.