How does Reddit work?


As Moonman may or may not be getting his “Sub-reddit” (Not a clue about what that is either), I think it’s time I joined. But first, a few questions. What is Reddit’s purpose, how does it work, and what do I do there?


What is Buddha? Three pounds of flax.

Understand this, and you will understand Reddit.


Reddit is an aggregate ‘news’ feed driven by thousands of subject-specific community-driven forums. Popular links, images, videos, audio, and content posted or linked-to by a selection of the most popular forums (sub-reddits) constitute the front-page of Reddit. When you setup your account, you can modify your front-page to show whatever sub-reddits are of interest to you, you can lurk/post to any public sub-reddit (some are invite-only), and you can upvote/downvote content other people post. The format of all sub-reddit urls is


Truly you are a Zen master to have that level of understanding. My mind has expanded much just from your teachings here.


So… any forums site that shows all of it’s user’s forums?


With a little facebook sprinkled in?


Oh god… whatever you do, do not mouse over the snoo on the subreddit…


I LOVE THAT SNOO DESIGN. I don’t know why, but I love it. Keep that design.


Yes, but most users don’t own sub-reddits. Almost all sub-reddits are user-created and owned, and they can have many moderators who are always users, but most users are lurkers, commenters, or people to post to various sub-reddits which they don’t own.

A little. Users obviously have unique identities, and you can “friend” other users and view stuff they post or have commented on. Except in the case of Verified users (who are usually celebrities), there is little interest in knowing a user’s real identity (unlike Facebook). There is a “friends” feed you can view which includes recent posts by all of your friends, but I dunno how widely used it is. A very small number of users are reddit or actual celebrities. It seems like most users just follow sub-reddits and aren’t super interested in friends feeds, whereas on facebook it is all about friends feeds.