I made a small game: No Mario's Sky (Windows, OSX, Linux, Free)


Hey guys, I made a game on the weekend with some friends for the LD game jam. It’s a mashup of Mario and No Man’s Sky and has procedurally-generated worlds. It’s on Windows, OSX, and Linux and is free.

Download: https://asmb.itch.io/no-marios-sky


Looks more fun than No Man’s Sky itself :stuck_out_tongue:
Will definently download it once I have time!


Really nice! :slight_smile:

I noticed that you used Unity to make it:
could you give me some advice to have pixel-perfect pixelart in Unity
(I tried years ago with no success)

Thank you :slight_smile:


Looks really well done, I can’t believe it was just made on a weekend. I will have to try it out later, thanks for sharing


I honestly never expect anything like this to ever been on Linux. And yet I’m still disappointed every single time.


It’s also on OSX and Linux. We added them a few hours later.


Update: the game went viral, we’ve had 25,000+ downloads and appeared in many sites:



Holy crow. Congrats! Enjoy your hour of internet fame before the next meme takes over. In all seriousness, though, good job! (And thanks for the Linux version)


Also, I’m grabbing it now despite not being able to play it. All 3 articles warned about Nintendo coming in like a ballistic missile and copyrighting it. Get it while the getting’s good.


Yeah it could go either way. Mario Cars 2: 64 was never taken down.

Oh well the game is warped around a circle, so I wouldn’t call it pixel-perfect at all! The closest you can get is to make sure all your textures are set to point filtering, mipmaps off, and truecolour. If you want sprite pixels to line up properly (which we don’t do in NMS) you need to hack it by making the orthographic view line up properly and snapping the sprites to pixel coordinates. Another way is to render the whole thing to a low-res render texture and then just scale that up to give a ‘pixelly’ effect.


Love this game, it’s a brilliant concept! It’s insane that it was made in only 72 hours, blows my mind. I’ve shared it with a bunch of my friends, and I’ve spent a silly amount of time fooling around in it. In particular I love the weird alien goombas that I’ve found.

If you guys made this in 72 hours, it gives me very high hopes for Moonman, I think it’s going to blow my mind.

No Mario’s Sky is really inspirational too, makes me want to get deeper into game development; I’ve made a couple little games but I’m very new to it. This was made with Unity 2D right? I didn’t know 2D games could be so cool-looking and run so smooth with Unity. Is Moonman Unity too? I know it has been discussed before but I can’t remember. :sweat_smile:


Ben said that he made the game engine, so no. Maybe he based it off Unity, though?


Aaannnddd it’s copyrighted. Good thing I got that copy when I did. Also, apparently somebody made another version of the game in response to the DMCA. Go watch Mattshea’s video on Youtube.


Nope, it’s all a custom engine. I built everything from scratch. :moonman_confused:

Made with Unity yes. :slight_smile:

Yeh, we made a new version shortly after getting the DMCA.


Nice Toad sprite ya got there.

September 9th, 2016

Haha yeah Alex drew some great sprites.


While it’s a shame Nintendo wagged its finger at you, this was a good piece of work, and your response to the copyright issue was great. :imp:
I make videos and actually made one of the No Mario’s Sky version and people seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.(More views than any of my others.)


Thx, glad you had fun with it. Was a nice break from normal development :slight_smile: