I suggest you make /latest the default


Hi! Excited for the game!

I strongly suggest you make /latest your default homepage here. Look how much more inviting this is…

than this…

Making categories the default homepage is really only a good idea for extremely busy discussion sites, or very diverse discussion sites where a lot of radically different topics are under discussion.


Oh hey Jeff, I actually had latest as the default because of that reason, but then I got a few suggestions to lay it out the other way and so changed it. But I agree with you and so I have set latest back to the default for now. Also … I’m super excited to see you drop by here, I’m a fan. :crazy:


Quick question - is there a view that will show me all topics with new posts since my last visit? New topics are highlighted but pre-existing ones with new posts aren’t. I’ve never used this forum software before so apologies if I have missed it.


If you visit your user preferences, you can set the definition of “new” there (defaults to topics created in the last 2 days), then visit the new tab on the homepage.



Great and thank you!

Related suggestion, make the moonman face the small site logo that appears when you scroll down in a topic :moonman:


Done, thx :moonman_inverse:


Seems to have gone back to category view in the last couple of days. Is there a way for each user to set his/her own default start page?


Hmm not sure, but you could just bookmark http://community.playmoonquest.com/latest. Actually I’m really torn between what should be the default start page. I think the categories view is better for posting, but the latest view is better for reading.


It’s almost never a good idea to have categories be the homepage unless you have a lot of topics being created per day.


I’ve changed it back and it’ll stay like that forever now. Thanks guys.