Introduce Yourself :)


Hey, my name is Ben and I’m the main developer for Moonman. I like programming, drawing, running, and learning all the things. Some of my favourite things are the film Aliens, the novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy, the nudiebranch, Peter Serafinowicz, vanilla slice, my wife, and being alive.

Who are you and what are your favourite things?


Hey Ben - u kinda know me but for those who don’t - my name is Daniel and I’m a pixel artist /game designer. I live in Brisbane and am currently studying game development and working. This project caught my eye a while back and I have been following along since.


Hey there. My name is Jason, and I currently live in Seattle, moving here last summer after being in Japan for 12 years. I have worked in many creative fields for 26 years, doing everything from music, international tv commercials, websites you’ve likely seen, and even been involved with game development both small and large scale.

My biggest passions are composing music and character design. Though I am a huge film buff and even lectured on story telling through film in university. (Amazing how many Japanese college students nowadays haven’t seen Akira, Star Wars, or even any Kurosawa movies!)

I’m getting back into game development now, but my 6 year old daughter likes building Star Wars LEGO and playing the WiiU with me, so I find myself getting distracted. :wink:

I’m always open for connecting with cool new people (“it’s not who you are but who you know!”) and am anxious to help give any input that is requested for Mr. Moooooon.

Looking forward to what happens here!



Thanks for the invite @ben!
My name is mhadz, this game caught my gaming eye and backed right away, excited to have it soon’
Hence the countdown begins!

hi to all!


Hi, Ben & everyone, I’m Bob ( @IBOL17 ) , game designer and idea factory. I found moonman because I liked your art and wondered if you wanted to work on a project together… woops! I also love the movie Aliens (my older cousin took me to that one in a theatre way back when…) Add to that Star Trek, the Matrix, D&D, Tom Baker, Peter F. Hamilton , Neil Asher, and procedural generation like a MOFO!
Here’s my head on a star wars guy!


Howdy folks.

I’m Matt. Been commercial fishing in Alaska the better part of a decade now. Also enjoy writing tunes ( , gardening, pickling/canning, antiques, stop-motion animation, running, & traveling. Nice to meet y’all and looking forward to meeting Mr. Moonman, too. :grin:


Hello there! My name is Ryan. I enjoy practicing Tae Kwon Do, watching anime, and programming, which is mainly web development, though I plan on trying other types in the future.

I tend to be fairly quiet and shy. Not as much online, but I still tend to stay silent unless someone starts conversing with me. I guess it’s because I don’t want to interrupt or sound stupid.

It’s nice to meet all of you!


Hey, I’m rick, I use programming languages improperly and I’m very fond of music.



Hey, name’s Devon. Connoisseur of interesting indie games and current undergrad student at the University of Waterloo studying Materials and Nanoscience. Can’t wait to hear more updates on the game, @ben!


Hi, I’m Jeff.

I love the idea of this game. I work at Riot as a hybrid game engineer/designer in Los Angeles. :smile:


Howdy, I’m Travis. I’m a university student, programmer, reader, model airplane flyer, sim racing driver, ham radio operator, …

I love playing indie games and can’t wait to try out Moonman!


Hey @ben, pleasure to be here!

I wrote and directed this (teaser trailer available): — it’s out in March (soon!)

I’m also helping my namesake Anton to come up with a thrilling story/plot for his amazing game he’s working on: — he’s the one who told me about Moonman, and I’m loving what you’re doing!



I’m Sean (obviously). I make video games as a career and as a hobby - I’ve recently began dipping my toe into indie games and pixel art (early days yet). I’ve been stalking Moonman for a while and even included him in one of my games :smiley:

@ben You really should get some Moonman smileys in here - we are of the modern age, it is near impossible to communicate via text without manipulating punctuation to resemble facial features… :wink:


Hello everyone.

I’m Jacob, a Web Developer for CompareTheMarket (CompareTheMeerkat) Australia, based in Brisbane.
However, I’m moving to Melbourne soon (pretty excited for that) for a new scene and career.

My favorite thing in gaming is procedural content, so can’t wait for Moonman! Looks awesome.

I play many games regularly, namely; Dota 2, Destiny (PS4), Diablo III, WoW and CS:GO.
However, I love my indie games. I’ve spend many hours (400+) over the years just playing Terraria.
Online alias: The7thLegion

See you all around.

P.S. Thanks B, for sorting out my login issues!


Hello everyone,

I’m Alvaro. I am a hobbyist game developer and a video editor for a liviing.

I like films (my favorite is Taste of Cherry by Abbas Kiarostami), videogames and many other things.

I’m pretty excited to be a part of this and to follow where Moonman is going.

Good luck @ben


Hey @ben!

My name is Nate and I’m an amateur vector artist and wannabe pixel-artist / game-designer. I’m pushing through a massive (nearing 2 years) board game project and plan on diving into VG art / design when I’m through. Moonman is one of the examples I keep leaning on to firm up my convictions that that is indeed the right choice. The game looks amazing and I keep finding myself blown away by the really wonderful aesthetic developed by a self-proclaimed non-artist. Anywhoo, cheers and can’t wait to play!


Hey I’m Ben (yeah I share a first name with Ben Porter woo) and I make games, music, and 3D renders.


hey there, I’m Sam, a pro coder and hobbyist game dev from Melbourne, Australia.
I will hopefully start working in games some time soon.

I like my wife and kids… game dev, coding, Aikido, ice skating… chocolate…


Hey Ben, thanks for making this game, looks really fun and looking forward to it.


Hey Ben,

I’m Andrew. I’m an actor/writer/director. I’ve been on shows like TripTank, Robot Chicken, Like Share Die, a bunch of animated shows. The pixel connection is that I’ve done a number of shows for Geek and Sundry, including Your Dungeon My Dragon and Outlands. Always looking or good pixel artists to collab with!

I’ve got my own Kickstarter launching March 16th for an animated show called Convenience Store Diet, based off of my online comic: I’m excited and hopefully I can learn some things from yours as well.