Introduce Yourself :)


Good idea! Maybe start a moonman emoji thread? Personally I don’t really have time :wink:

Moonman Emojis!

Hey @ben, everyone,

I’m Ryan, and I’m a software/qa engineer from Dallas, TX. During the day I work for an oil company testing drilling software, and when I’m not there I enjoy pixelart, playing/watching sports (mainly hockey and football), watching movies, hunting, and being with my wife and dog.
I love pixel games, I have recently taken up pixel art as a hobby (did art growing up, but I don’t have much time for setup, etc., so pixel art is the perfect medium). Glad to be a part of this.

Pixeljoint: rklesmit


Hi Ben and everyone. My name is Ryosuke. I’m a programmer for a IT company in Tokyo, Japan. I’m making a roguelike game in my spare time.

My favorite things are science fiction novels by Rudy Rucker and Greg Egan, Kraftwerk music and Punk IPA beer.

I love the pixel arts of the Moonman and am very interested in its world generation.


Hey @ben and everyone reading,
I’m Miles and I am some nobody from Adelaide. Everybody seems to have some kind of connection to video games here, whether it be developers or artists. Sadly I have tried and failed at these kind of things and so instead I just like to support those who can actually do something interesting. I love video games (especially puzzle and rogue-like games), cats, movies (sci-fi has to be fav) and eating cheese. I look forward to seeing future developments of this awesome looking game.


Skysen. Hello.

Found Moonman while looking through Kickstarter and decided to throw money at it.
I like most games, but have a special appreciation for quality pixel based works, since they prove that not everything needs fancy graphics -3D or otherwise- to be good.
I’m not nearly as interesting as some I see introducing themselves, but it’s still nice to be here.
Recently started a YouTube channel where I do Let’s Plays and the like and think doing videos of Moonman could be fun.


Howdy! I’m Erik and I live in the Bay Area, California. I’m the lead developer of a game called Temporus which was green lit and kickstarted last year. That’s mostly what I do now (besides slightly boring corporate development). I’ve always been interested in space and nature and most things nerdy. I started playing with computers in the 80’s with a C64 and honestly that got me hooked. I also love newts. I have two firebelly newts that I’ve had since the 90’s. They are old enough to buy cigarettes now and can legally vote in 14 states.

Look at them. LOOOK.



I’m another indie game dev, working on a procedurally generated world with generated quests & stories. I’m excited about Moonman b/c it looks fun is built on some awesome gameplay mechanics.

Here’s a shrunk screenshot for y’all. Nice to meet everyone!


Hello I am FlipBeef, thanks for the invite @ben :smile:

[Pixel Artist • Ok Guitarist • Addicted to RPGs …and Manga]

that pretty much sums up myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I will lurk in the shadows


Hi, my name is Halley. I hail from Atlanta (USA) originally, but I was waylaid by love a few years ago and unexpectedly found myself in rural Victoria (Australia).

My greatest passion is ecology (which, by stunning coincidence, is also my area of work and study), and my greatest hobby is visual art (primarily 2D, but currently self-teaching 3D).

I also enjoy a good round of sewing, gardening, woodworking, pet caretaking, video gaming, board gaming, tree identifying, wild animal taming, funny face making, impractically ambitious plan making, and a few other odds and ends.

I am also an avid introvert, which is usually the first—and only—thing people notice when they meet me.


I’m Toomin. I play guitar and program and make silly comics.

Located in Houston, hometown of NASA, so I’m already an expert on Moontravel, obviously.

What caught my attention about the game other than Moonman’s silly yet adorable face is the music - hoo boy the music on this thing, I want it. I NEED it!

I can’t wait to see what else the game has in store.


Hi guys! I’m Snarkodile but you can also call me Kaz! I’m currently still schooling in Arts school but other than that, I like to spend my time drawing or playing games like PersonaQ and Fire Emblem: Awakening!


Hey all,

I’m Baco and I live in Sydney. I work as the IT guy for several schools around here. I enjoy playing video games and reading in my spare time. I hadn’t backed anything on Kickstarter before and I thought this would be a good place to start as the game showed so much promise. Nice to meet you all.


Alaska Moonman fan! I can’t wait to try out Moonman. What forum software is this? It is pretty sweet!


Hello all! Squidamus here,

I’m reporting in from Brisbane, Australia, working in Information Management and secret ninja activity :smile:

My favorite things are creative things: writing, drawing, photo taking, active things like cycling, martial arts, and I like cats. I indulge in all forms of culture including books, movies, films, and of course, a lot of video games. I like supporting creative things that have potential and funky style; Moonman fits right in.

Keep up the great work team, looking forward to it!


Hey all,
I’m Jenny and live in Hamburg/Germany. I enjoy playing video games a lot and streaming them regularly on twitch. I also enjoy cooking, reading comics, going out with my dog, watching Ice Hockey and pixel art.

Nice to meet you all :smiley:


Hello there people, cheers for the invite Ben! I’m Giovanni. I live in Austin, TX and do drafting and design for the telecoms industry. I moved here from Florida last year, and I suppose I simply love pixel art and platformers. Do you stream pixel art creation? An old buddy of mine, Coestar, used to do it quite often.

Anyway, I’m a big Dalmatian fan and ex-owner, lover of eclectic music as more of an art form, a Slenderman mythos purist having befriended the original video series creators of it (not just MH), and my favorite beer is Yuengling.


Hi Guys!

My name is Shawn and I’m a work from home Dad. gamer and DIY Hobbyist. I was born and raised in northern California but moved to Portland last year when my wife got a job at portland state university.

I caught a write-up of your game on a gaming website through twitter and really liked what I saw. I just started a youtube channel for gaming let’s plays and was super interested in, if the game is good, making a weekly feature of playing it!

Check out my youtube channel, Hipster Bytes! I’ve played Megaman 4 and I’m currently working through Crystalis on the NES.


I can’t top @endekks’ introduction. He killed it.

Anyway. My name is Ravi, and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia. I work as designer and art director day and night across few discipline, mainly digital at the moment and hoping to make the jump back to print with focus in publications for arts, culture and maybe luxury.

My passion lies within the visual culture, as an evidence, I run a blog called View More which can be visited over here, it has been active for over six years now with nearly 15,000 posts and 40,000 some followers. I enjoy discovering and sharing. I also love photography, I document my day to day shenanigans and boredom on 5444.

On the gaming side, @endekks introduced me to my first real game, World of Warcraft about 4 years ago now, I have raided hardcore in an Oceanic ranked guild and now I am playing casually, chasing achievements here and there with some former and current raiders across few guilds. I also enjoy number of games on my mobile devices, namely Monument Valley, Alto’s. No consoles in my apartment though! Can’t decide if it is a blessing or a curse!

Really looking forward to seeing how Moonman pan out in its final legs of development and deployment, even more so to be part of it, bug reporting and whatnot.


Hello moon fans! My name is Chris and I’m a married father and gamer. My normal day is either spent playing with my kids, playing video games with my kids, having my kids kick me off the computer to play my games, playing games myself, or grinding through work to get home and play some more. Lately I’ve been recording my videos and putting them on youtube and as I’m mostly sticking to roguelikes I can’t wait to play Moonman for the masses to adore!


Hi All,

My name is Josh. I love me some PC Games, Hockey, reading, travel, pixel art, dancing (when the wife lets me), and raising two young Daughters. Oh yes, the Wife as well. Big fan of any game with crafting, RPG elements, survival, and unique/interesting art. Moonman scratches a lot of those itches. Keep rockin’ it Ben.