Introduce Yourself :)


Hi! I’m Daniel, from Madrid, Spain, i want my t-shirt!!! XDDD, I’m front-end programmer and i like programming, videogames, play magic cards…


Hi, my name is Orlando. I’m slowly building myself into an Indie Game Developer. Among my interests are History, Movies, Music, Martial Arts, Drawing (much practice needed!), and Programming (still a few things to learn).

Currently at the top of my to read list are:

  • The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway (re-read)
  • Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson (re-read)
  • Red Mars, Blue Mars, and Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

Among my favorite things:

  • New York/Italian style pizza (can’t get enough!)
  • Polished gemstones, minerals, etc
  • Natural phenomenon
  • Past civilizations
  • Retro computing
  • Uncommon knowledge


Hi everyone, i’m Andrea from Florence, computer engineer and vgame player\lover\sometimes developer!

I usually don’t like games where you have to craft, but Ben’s passion for this game bring me here.
And the pixel art :wink:


Wow, awesome to see so many creative and or programmer types here. I guess we are the ones who care and are able to discern the top notch creativity and quality of moonman.

Er, hi! I’m Simon aka trollkind but I’m not a troll in the internet sense. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m also residing in Hamburg, germany (Moin moin, @jenhyu)
I’ve been gaming in one way or another since I moved away from a childhood on an organic farm when I was 6. Started out on an Atari ST but soon moved on to PC, where I started programming with Turbo Pascal, then came a Super Nintendo and all the Playstations one can find, even the portable one. My favorite genres are turn based tactics, from Disgaea to Silent Storm, classic style FPS and complex RPGs, in other words, there aren’t many fresh titles for me on the mainstream market nowadays. Thanks to the huge (too huge now?) indie market though, I again have more titles than I could possibly play now. Though I hope to actually play Moonman at some point.
Oh, I work on movies and ads for about ten years now, mostly as a compositor but since I learned Python, I also do some pipeline scripting. I hope to expand my programming knowledge though, especially to C++ and Open GL and finally get back to my school glory days of thinking up a game idea and having a prototype running in the evening. Ah, I’d also love to get back into videojockeying as a creative outlet and I often feel more comfortable behind the scenes than on the dancefloor. :blush:
Other interestes are food (making it but mostly consuming it (quality over quantity :p)), board and roleplaying games, music (consuming it, my soundcloud daily stream is more than I can listen to) and walking about on any waterfronts the world has to offer.

Happy to be here, seems like we all have a lot in common and I’m looking forward to the road ahead. :smile:


I am Maurycy from Poland. I’ve found Moonman advertised via Alex Diener’s VLog. I am a programmer and games developer, I currently spend most of my free time working on DROD related things (DROD is the best puzzle game ever, so if you never played it you should totally give it a good try - the game can be very complex and has steep learning curve).


Hey all,
My name is Vlad and i’m writing all the way from Romania. I’m always looking for nice things to play and enjoy. i do photography work in my spare time ( and can’t wait to play and enjoy this game.


Hey everyone, I’m Louis, and I run Early Access Reviews ( where we preview the hottest indie games. I also work as a web developer, and LOVE putting the hours in on awesome games!


Hi everyone!
I’m Arthur, a 22 french software dev, not in the game industry (yet).
I’m working on a game as a side project, and I have a lot of ideas for future indie titles. Hopefully I’ll decide to drop everything and start my own indie startup.
I stumbled upon moonman on tig a few months back, and I loved the art style (I mean, what’s not to like?).
Can’t wait to do a little playtesting :D!


Hi I’m Carl, I’m an Engineer (none of that software, IT engineering, I’m a REAL one. Lol! One of those maniacs who bash, fold, mill, turn, cut and generally beat up metal to make stuff, mostly in machines that would as soon kill you as do what you want them too. Lol!)

I’ve been playing games since I was 5 on my Vic20 and never kinda grew out of it. (Much to my wife’s disgust. Lol!) I love pixel art games as they remind me of the “good ole days” of gaming, and am looking forward to Moonman greatly as its right up my proverbial alley, as I’m a sucker for words like “procedural”, “creative”, and “rogue like”… Lol!



My name is Anton and I’m freelance graphic designer. I decided to try my hand at making a game. It’s called MegaSphere and development is in full swing.

I can’t wait to play Moonman!


Hey I’m Tom, I’ve worked in the games industry for over 8 years and have just started my own studio KnifeySpoonie.

Been following Moonman for what seems ages now, can’t wait to get to play it!



I am a indie developer here in Brisbane. Happy to help out a fellow indie to succeed on Kickstarter.
Currently building my 2D crpg pitch.


is this a procedurally generated forum?
I am very interested in how this invite discussion board works because I didn’t have to register a name or anything. I wonder when that happens. It’s just letting me type!

I’m Breton/ZenSaiyuki/

I do the happy bouncy coding stuff for kids websites
In my spare time I work on and related projects. It’s all building blocks for a massive thing I have in my head that I have no words for.

月man looks exciting and I like ben because he did stuff with and is very supportive and says nice things. Also he helped make fugu which is amazeballs.


Hi there!
I’m Ryo from Japan. I’m 24, love pixel arts, working on my own game developing now, and huge fan of indie devs!
I am really looking for release Moonman and its cool T-shirt!! ムーンマン!!


Hello, I’m kumo. I live in Italy, but I’m a teacher and developer from the land of Marmite. This is my first time backing something, but I couldn’t resist!

I like pixels and rogue-likes, and I like learning new technologies to solve problems where I teach.

Looking forward to this!


Hey everyone
I’m Joe from rural West Sussex in the UK. As there isn’t a whole lot to do in the country I spend a lot of time with games and I have a soft spot for 2d pixel dungeon divers so moon man looks like a good one to me.
other than that I enjoy walking the downs with my dogs and I board game regularly at a local club which just seem to keep on growing, I also LOVE to cook and make food for people. I’ve also become abit of a Heathstone addict recently
cant wait to play this game !!!


P.S. @sburns2 I spent a large chunk of my childhood on Baldurs gate and other such games. your screenshots gave me a shiver of excited nostalgia. Please let me know if there is anything i can do to help out :smile:


Hello my name is will. I work for boeing, building 777-200, 777-300, and frieghters. In my freetime i like to draw and paint.


Hi everyone I’m Zan I’m a Twitch streamer, and a game master to many 40k role playing games over on Roll20. I found moonman via starbound, and loved the idea of the game so I did my part backing this great game in the making.


I’m Alex and I’m here because the email told me to.
I am also highly suggestible.
Also loving that you used Discuss for the forum as it’s light years ahead of all the other guff. :smiley:


Hi, I’m Paul from Canada. I was a C64 kid. I make games and stuff. Looking forward to Moonman, BEN!