Introduce Yourself :)


Oh my, the creator of eggnogg is here. I’m a big fan!


Hello, I’m Markus, and I used to make games. Excited about Moonman!


Hi, my name here is thexface, but I’m known as 8x or Electre at other games/forums. I’m spanish, interested in graphics/sprites and game design, and play multiplayer games more than solo. I’m a volunteer game tester for THD, the guys behind Soldat and King Arthur’s Gold, and have done some sprites, maps and videos for the latter as a fan.

I knew of mm at the tigsource forums, and waited for it to be released or pushed into ks.Specially like the sprites and atmosphere.



I’m David (lack of imagination by the folks). I saw Ben’s work on Pixel Dailies on twitter, and been following ever since. All the best.


Hello, my name is Chris and I am from Connecticut. I am currently going to school for Game Design and work at an amusement park as the head of the Games Department. In my free time, I continue work on a 2D Platformer. Some of my favorite things include programming, spending time with my family and thinking about life.

Thanks for the invite, and I look forward to watching this game grow!


Interesting to find at least a couple of folks from Alaska. Name’s Jonathan. I live in Virginia work in Alaska. Interested in Moonman mainly for my son who’s a huge Minecraft fan. He and I are always on the lookout for something cool like this we can do together. Looking forward to meeting you guys and playing moonman.


Hello everyone!! I work in an office doing PC support and I’m a family man. I play guitar a lot and just finished mixing my bands first full length album. I saw a “Let’s Play” of Moonman on Paul Soares’ Youtube channel and now I’m a backer! I can’t wait to play the early release of this game!!!


Hello all, great idea asking everyone to introduce themselves, thanks for the invite.

My name is Christian and I am from the Dominican Republic. I love my wife and recently born son, I also love God, video games, movies, fantasy literature and music. I aspire to someday make video games rather than just play them, but in the meantime I love enjoying a good game. I also enjoy acting and would love to some day do some voice acting for some movies or video games.

Meantime I work as a project manager for the Finance Store, a company in the US that helps small businesses get funding.


Hey! I’m Michael, and I’m from Minnesota. Though soon I’ll be heading to Texas for a seasonal job with the National Park Service (very excited!). In my free time, I enjoy making music and, of course, playing awesome video games, which will soon include Moonman!


Hi, I’m Chris from Canada. I enjoy games such as this and would love to see it succeed :slight_smile:


Hello, my name is Kristoffer and I am social skills trainer for students with autism. I am also in a SPED-MA program. I am passionate about the role that games have in emotional regulation for students (and everyone else, including instructors) at any level of skill or type of disability. It is astounding to see how quickly an enraged student will deescalate if they are encouraged to play a game, especially Minecraft, that allows them to create and problem solve.
Despite all of that caring for kids, I’m excited about playing Moonman for myself. It’s for my pixelated heart and mine alone.
Thanks, Ben, and everyone involved!



I study programming and most recently game design (Serious Game Design at the moment, the educational games). I’d like to get into the industry in one form or another though.

I’ve also starred on a webisode travel series in the past, called The Gap Year, so I’ve traveled a lot. In addition to that, I’ve also done some marine biology conservation and love scuba diving. Sounds like a lot of developers in Brisbane… I’d love to live in Australia! Being a developer and living in Australia would be a dream life.


I’m Mike from London, UK. I like video games, porridge, and wild animals. I sell safari holidays for a living.

That’s about it, really.

Oh - and I’m excited about Moonman!


My name is Tim.

I’m a software developer and IT contractor from BC, Canada. I enjoy programming, gaming, reading, writing, music, film, and martial arts.

I’m a large fan of science fiction and fantasy, and while enjoying more franchises than I could name in a single post, the definitive fictional universe which has been a part of my life since I was a wee lad, is Doctor Who. I’m a tiny bit obsessed with Doctor Who, to the point that I have a tattoo related to the show.

I’m married to a wonderful lady, and have two amazing kids.

Not sure there’s too much else to say. I am me, and I’m glad to be here, following @ben and the rest of the Moonman team and fans.



Hiya everyone! I’m Jeffrey.

I really love metroidvania games and sandbox games and thus have great interest in Moonman.

I’m a recent computer science graduate currently looking for a job. I really enjoy server-side and database programming, and have delved into android/ios programming as well. So if you happen to know anyone hiring in Oregon/Washington, please let me know :wink:

I also love learning, playing/composing music, and currently live in a tree house that I built.


Hey everyone! I’m Rafa.

I’m a full time web developer for a magazine company. I used to work in their NY office, but now I’m working remotely all the way from FL. I also do freelance work on the side. Recently, I picked on pixel art as a hobby, and I’m happy to report I’m getting better!

Here’s some additional stuff I’m into (in no particular order):

  • STAR WARS, BTTF, Gattaca, and so many other sci-fi movies (side note: I’m a sucker for time travel movies, although I admit many are pretty awful)
  • non-FPS gaming, retro gaming. playing lots of ps4/wiiu/3ds games atm.
  • coffee enthusiast
  • toys / poster collector (again, mostly retro, pixel, sci-fi, and gaming. still, this is an expensive hobby so I’m starting to cut back)
  • fan of clean, simple design
  • books: graphic novels, design, sci-fi, fantasy.
  • amateur game dev (slowly getting there)
  • illustration
  • tattoos. mine so far: marvin from hitchhicker’s guide to the galaxy, and shadow of the colossus

Feel free to add me on twitter/IG: @rafalevelsup. I’ll be more than happy to add you back (just mention Moonman! so I know it’s not spam).

Also, Moonman!!


Hello my names Jason I’m from Florida :us: . I’m a gamer :video_game: , anime Mech enthusiasts, and old school drift car lover :oncoming_automobile: . I’m glad to be here and part of this and can’t wait to play this. I wanna be a PigKnight!!! :boar:

I wanna go fast :grin:


Hallo! :moonman:

Thank you to @ben for choosing this awesome Forum and inviting me to be part of the Moonman community here. Thanks also to @Lemoncreme for the Moonman Emoji!

My name is Aqi, I’m originally from Germany and have been living in the USA (Philly) for the past 17 years. I stumbled upon the Moonman Kickstarter due to a recommendation tweet by Elan Lee. Yep, I backed and am part of the Exploding Kittens community as well. :smile:

I really enjoy discovering original, quirky unusual, unique, geeky, awesome people & things. I appreciate artsy as well as technical skills even if I do not possess either. I’m more a generalist rather than a specialist.

Loves (in alphabetical order):

  • Anything SciFi & Fantasy…books, shows, movies, graphic novels :moon:
  • Art that moves me
  • Being a comfortable introvert who cherishes alone time
  • Carpe Noctem :night_with_stars:
  • Cowboy Boots, all 13 pairs of 'em :boot:
  • Dragons, wait…Fantasy :dragon:, quadrupled and with wings :dragon_face:
  • Flying Foxes
  • Futuristic & Centuries Old Architecture
  • I am owned by three :smirk_cat:
  • Logistics & Container Ships :ship:
  • Meat, more specifically a good medium rare steak makes me very happy :happymeatface:
  • No Kill Shelters, cities, states, nations
  • I listen to music any chance I get (No Country Western or ‘Schlagermusik’) :headphones:
  • My totally opposite from me hubby (I’m an INTJ and he’s an ENFP and somehow we make it work)
  • Stars & StarTrek TNG “Make It So” :milky_way:
  • Stimulating conversations vs. small talk :speech_balloon:
  • Tattoos on me & others
  • The colors, light & air of Autumn :fallen_leaf:
  • Traffic Patterns (how do those traffic lights and patterns work / why is there a ‘Stau’?) :oncoming_automobile:

I’m looking forward to being more or less vocal here in the Moonman Forum.

I’ll leave it at that and head over to favorite games…


Emoticons are now here… :moonman: :moonman_closed: :moonman_open: :moonman_shock: :moonman_gradient:


Good luck! Hit me up if you have any questions :slight_smile: