Introduce Yourself :)


Hey @zen I auto-added and approved all the KS and Humble backers via email :smile:


Nice trailer! I love sci-fi so I’m totally up for those kinds of films.


Thanks Ben! If you’ll ever want to get a second perspective or feedback on a particular plot element or something like that (alpha? beta?), do let me know :wink:


Hey Ben, very excited that Moonman was funded. What a time to be alive. My name is also Ben, I live sometimes in the city and sometimes in the country, and I’m a writer and more often taichi instructor. You should try the vanilla slice at Bourkies Bakehouse in Woodend.


WHOOOOA this forum is strange. I like it. Hallos, I am Chunkface. I like learning things as well. Some of my favorite things are most movies that I’ve not watched in 6 months, being bad at pixel art, and playing all kinds of video games. I also enjoy learning more about Adobe Premiere Pro completely legitimately.


Hey Ben, I’m Bill, “TheDawgMiner” Retired Computer Tech, Disabled Gamer & Part-Time YouTuber . I love Indie style, open-world, building/crafting games & games that are laptop GPU friendly. Since you mentioned movies, I list a few of my favorite Sci-Fi:The Last Starfigher, E.T., Independence Day. MIB(series). Favorite People: Female: YouTuber “ZombieCleo”, Male: YouTuber “Docm77”.


Hi, my nicknames Mixer!
I am a programmer making games. I am currently working on a nifty tower defence game.

Moonman is awesome.



Yay! More Bens! :moonman_open:


My name’s Faye and i’m a Video Game Design graduate currently working a shitty service industry job while portfolio building/book writing on the side. Big into reading, writing, arting in general and all that jazz. I also have a terrible fondness for researching oddly gribbly topics, for games and stories that i’ll never make, like cannibalism and nuclear disasters.
You know, the usual.

Favourite authors are Lovecraft and Terry Pratchett while Battle Royale might be my no.1 film.
Super hyped for Moonman, can’t wait!



My name is Luis, nickname Headless Norris, and I’m a programmer from Portugal. I do web and mobile-related stuff by day (I’m really intrigued by this forum system btw), and dabble in video game dev world by night. I’ve done some small prototypes here and there, but my real project is a game called Killplex which I’m revamping at the moment. I also do other things such as playing games (fan of co-op, preferably online, oh and sandbox games as well), playing guitar (not so well yet), reading graphic novels (Y: The Last Man, anyone?) and so on.

I’ve been stalking Moonman on the TIGForums for I don’t know how long, and recently decided to be an active member of the community there. So much to learn!

Oh and by there, I mean here as well. Looking forward to playing this.



Hi, my name is David and I’m from California. A friend showed me this project and it seemed really cool. I enjoy books, movies, games, nature, music, bike rides, hikes, painting, cooking, and many other things.
I really like the idea of forming a community. It seems as though a lot of people in the Game design field have caught interest in Moonman. I’m excited to see what a group of creative and enthusiastic people can do to create a fun gaming experience.
Good luck!


Oi oi!

I’m a recovering Dark Souls addict located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I make music(?) for video games and i’m looking to delve into game development.


I’m Gereon from Germany. I worked many years as freelance developer. Gave this up to make indie games.
I’m getting inspirations from other games like Moonman. I like the Moonman retro pixel art and looking forward for the game!


Hello I’m Alex from France. I currently work as a web developper and I plan to go full time as an indie game developper.
I am currently working on my game Tikotep Adventure and I hope to finish it someday.
Reading moonman devlog has been a great source of inspiration for me.

I can’t wait to try Moonman


Hi, I’m Lio from New Zealand. This is my first time backing something, very excited as it looks awesome!


Welcome Lio, and good choice on your first project to back. :slight_smile:


Nice looking game, i googled it. The youtube video i found must be old, your pic looks more polished.


Hey everyone, I’m Shadi. I’m a game developer in Los Angeles and my last major project was Hawken (about 3 years of work). I’ve been working on my own game for the past 9 months along with a bunch of music contract work.

Moonman drew me in with its charm and it just seemed honest and genuine! There are so many cool introductions here already, I’m sure it will be a great, positive community. Charge forward, Ben!


What kind of game are you making?


Woah, Hawken? You’re pretty accomplished then, I’d say. I’ve never played it, but it looks fantastic. What were you doing on the team? (Assuming it was a team effort)