Introduce Yourself :)


@salt Current project is a 4 player local + online multiplayer single-screen battle game. It’s been a Unity learning project, but it’s coming along great and I hope to be able to reveal it in full very soon. I keep a dev blog at, though more frequent posts will come once it’s actually announced. :moonman:

@Lemoncreme Thank you!! It was definitely a super memorable chapter in my life, and I’m very grateful for being part of such an amazing project. When I started, the team was only about 7 people, but by the end our dev team was closer to 30-35. I worked on the OST, the game audio, and the cockpit HUD design and coding. It was a team of close friends, so we got to wear a lot of hats which was amazing for personal growth.


Everybody else here is SO INTERESTING! I’m just boring. Well… except for my 24/7 stomachache. Yeah, I’ve got this condition that gives me a decade+ long stomachache. Seriously. I’ve had it since I was 3. I’ve got to take Papaya Enzyme pills when I eat. Anyways, I am an aspiring modder, and I want to be a Game Designer/Programmer/EVERYTHING when I grow up. My favorite game is Robocraft, although Besiege is up there with it, too. I’ve created 6 mods for Don’t Starve, but 5 of them are JUNK, and are gonna me merged with my main mod, Random Craftables. I plan to take tons of tech classes at my high school (Computer tech, not shop tech), so I can become a fluent programmer. I also love art. ART! I love drawing, and I want to get a digital drawing pad so I can use it for mods. Also just regular art. So, yeah. Pretty boring, excluding the stomachache. That’s me.


Hey all of you interesting people

I was invited by by best pal @Lemoncreme :crazy:
Like a lot of you, I’ve been following the moonman devlog for a while :owl:
damn these emojis are cool

but anyway,
- I make music for video games and short films.

- I study Music technology in college.

- I make games with my good friend Lemoncreme

shameless self promo:

you should all go and check out my soundcloud <3

okay I’m done


Game looks great! Glad my devlog has inspired you :smiley:


Hey dude! Was I talking to you on twitter about Trello recently? Anyway, hawken looks kickass, but I haven’t had the time to actually play it yet! One day! :smiley: Glad to see you here and good luck with your new project :slight_smile:


Ha, I will do. I want to eat all the vanilla slices.


Haha, I think you managed to use all the emojis. :smiley: Thx for the intro and nice to meet you!


Wow, there are so many introductions here, I just wanted to say a global hello to everyone. Welcome to the Moonman forums and, while it’ll be a little quiet here for a few months, I hope to see it ramp up when the closed alpha is released. And then really ramp up when the public beta is released. Catch you all around! :crazy:


Oh yeah, hope you enjoy Trello! I’ve used it for a while, but the really great iOS app sold it for me on my own project. Very simple.

You can try Hawken after Moonman development, haha. I might be biased, but I was truly addicted to it back when we were actively developing it. Adhesive went out of business though (what a rollercoaster of 3 years), but the IP was just recently (in the last 2 days) bought by Reloaded, so they’re working on it now. That was a complete surprise to me!


Haha yeah I’ve got a lot of games to catch up on once Moonman is released. I’ll put Hawken on the list. :grinning:

Will see how I go with Trello, seems pretty straight forward and flexible so I think it should work well.


Hi, thank you very much, can’t wait to play moonman!


Hello everyone,

I am Devine(@aliceffekt), I will be writing the music for Moonman.

I write music like

and make visual art like:


Woo! Glad to see you on the forum. I really can’t wait for the OST. Judging from the preview track that was posted by Ben on the KS when it was running, it’s gonna be fantastic! :moonman_open:


I just checked it out. “Neausea of the beldam” is awesome.


I found your tigsource devlog. Very promising game and nice graphics! I feel reminded of some old 8-bit games, I want to play it soon :space_invader: :video_game:
BTW I’m also developing my current game in Java+libGDX+box2dlights.


Happy you like the graphics! Do you have a dev log of your game to ?


Not yet, I’m so busy with developing… But on my todo list.


Hi, I’m Tim. I’m not a wizard, but I play video games. There’s probably more to say, but I’m going to most likely play Moonman when it comes out.


Hello everyone!

My name is Moritz — I’m an artist & designer from Vienna. My portfolio is here:

I’m really looking forward to playing Moonman and was impressed by Ben’s passion for the project.


Welcome! I really love the way your work is presented on the site. Cool stuff.