Introduce Yourself :)


oh, thanks Lemoncreme! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Jonathan, a media lab student/interaction designer from Bratislava. I like programming, reading, learning and doing design all day every day.
Can’t wait to play Moonman, looking forward to get lost in the world.



Hello, Im Niels. Im in my second to last year of high school. After high school im going to study accountancy or computing. I live in the Netherlands. Im realy looking forward to playing moonman.


My 9 & 11 yo have been waiting to play since I showed them the video months and months ago. They can’t wait for their shirts. :slight_smile:


Ha, great stuff!


Hey everyone! I’m Tom and I live in the US/Ohio. I am a software development and project management consultant, experienced beer brewer and aspiring novelist. One day when I’m rich and famous I’ll combine all those things into the perfect dream job somehow and then become immortal so I can go back to school in every subject until I have learned everything there is to learn in the universe and become the human singularity. Or something like that.

Also @ben I seem to not have access to the Alpha forum, can you fix that pretty-please? I’m also struggling to figure out how to start a new topic anywhere, all I can do is reply to other posts. What am I doing wrong?

Anyways I’m really digging the Alpha so far! Glad to be here!

Edit: What voodoo magic! I have basic privileges now! I probably should have read the FAQ a little closer :laughing:


Hey Tom, I gave you permissions for the alpha subforum. I’m not sure why you weren’t granted them when you accepted the invite email, but it should be all good now!

As for learning all the things — I’m right there with you :crazy:


It may have had to do with the fact that I hadn’t posted anything yet and therefore didn’t even have basic privileges, but either way thanks for handling it! :moonman_inverse:

Edit: Actually it’s still denying me access, though I can now see it in the categories. When I click on it I get the message about the page being private or possibly non-existent. :moonman_confused:


I see you’re posting in there so it must be working now :slight_smile:


Yeah it must have taken a bit to kick in, I checked back an hour or so after that edit and Alpha posts were showing up in my queue. I thought you were responsible for that, like I had an elite Australian midnight response team waiting to support my every forum need :moonman_open:


Finally, I have a developer log for my game on :slight_smile:


Hmm… Plasmoid. I’ll go check it out.


Looks interesting!


@ben I am ridiculous dev. I am a pixel artist and a gamer. I develop games sometimes. mostly inspiring other games development. :stuck_out_tongue:




Hi :smiley: I am learning lots of things from this site, thanks. BTW moonman is made in? engine?


C++ SFML Box2D are the main parts. You can read the devlog to learn more! :moonman:


thanks :smiley:


Damn. This was almost 3 years ago…


Hi! My name is Michael and I am a designer. I like playing games; recently I’ve been more into digital card games like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering Arena. I remembered kickstarting this project awhile back and I’m quite pleased to see this finally take off! :slight_smile: