Jan 16, 2016


Well I can sympathize. I just moved into a new apartment over the weekend and sprained my back in the process so now I’m laid up and can’t fly to my client’s site for work until next week… so I feel ya. But that means I can sneak in more MM testing time :crazy:

Are there any parts in particular you want us to attack before the next build?


Gah that sucks.

Not that I can think of, thanks! You’ve given heaps of great feedback already, I just have to incorporate it all into the next build. If anything … if you have any suggestions about little sub-structures in the forest I’d like to hear them. E.g., hound den, pond, etc.


I have some substructure ideas.

Crocodile swamp
Demon hive (underground
Frog/toad pond
I don’t know how to word this one… tree with lots of teardrop shaped birds nests like in Africa
Hermit hole
Moon flower Grove (underground)
Bat cave (bats are asleep upside-down till you wake them)
Meteor strike
Tall grass (home to dogs?)
Wishing well


‘Grove’ is a good one. Frogmen can sit in the grove, eating moonflowers.

Ooh yeh, remember that well I talked about ages ago … I forgot about that, haha. I’ll add ‘well’ and ‘grove’ to my forest category.


I imagine the Well could be of a few types:

  • Generic (just a boring well, maybe some fish)
  • Wishing (coins at the bottom)
  • Poisoned (oops, poisonous sludge at bottom)
  • Trapped (oops, spikes, you die)
  • Tunnel (contains a tunnel into an underground acquifer)


One that’s sorta-neat and I’m pretty sure is an accident is where trees spawn their roots below the surrounding ground level, and the generator builds the dirt up around them so the tree has its own little mini-cave and just has branches sticking up above ground. Especially when the dug-out area has mushrooms or glow worms in it, that makes it look intentional.

Other areas could be things like little caves of mini moon-dwellers (shrink the normal sprites down to %10 their size and have them only stay in the cave area, maybe remove their dialog and have them weakly attack any critter that comes near except rabbits). You could also find the occasional cave or hole where a single pathetic human is hiding (do you have an animation for humans sitting with their arms wrapped around their knees?)

I like the hound hole idea, and the different well types. What about the spring I mentioned as a bug? There could be unique plants growing out of it that draw specific minerals from the fresh spring they can’t find anywhere else. What about a poisoned tree grove? The trees could give off those status effect particles to show they’re toxic. Some sort of animal could be immune like birds. Also maybe a certain armor set makes you immune too.

Some sort of mushroom that grows in the world should trigger that weird shader effect for a minute or so :crazy:


Hehe, this one resonates strongly with me. One day I’ll run off and live in a cave, after I’ve completely lost my mind from making this game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Added “Poisoned Grove” to my list, could make a rare appearance in the forest area.


There is a tree in South America that is extremely poisonous. I hear just rain drop falling off the tree are enough to burn your skin… i can’t remember the name of the tree

Edit* looked up the name… Manchineel, the most poisonous tree in the world


Wow nature is scary sometimes. The Carib Indians used to tie people to it to “ensure their slow, painful death”… Humanity is horrible


Another tree that’s scary (don’t follow this link if you’re easily grossed out… also don’t go wandering in Australia in the dark): The black palm


Wow that is a nasty tree. Makes me wonder what made it evolve that way. Looks like it evolved to kill elephants or hunt whales with those big harpoons.


A comic of a tree hunting a whale… @salt go!

Seriously though, my fiance’s father did some contract work in Australia a while back and his team had to cover those trees in caution tape because people kept just brushing them and ending up in the ER. I think it would have to be some defense against a critter that would strip its bark or cut it down beaver-style, because normally trees want to be climbed so that animals can distribute their fruit.


Tellin' it like it is

That’s flipping hilarious, even better than I was expecting :crazy:

@ben Can you confirm? Does this scene play out literally every day in Australia? Is it that crazy of a place??


@thanby @ben please add a dead whale to poison grove. The whale had it coming, he knows what he did.


Ha, well I’ve never seen a Black Palm. I know there’s a funny myth (like Drop Bears) to tell foreigners about a super deadly tree … maybe that’s it.


It’s funny, drop bears are a myth in Australia, but in South America they are quite real.

Also known as the andrean bear, it likes to nest high up in trees.


omg real life drop bears


We talkin’ bears? Hairless bears are bizarro. It’s some kind of freak condition. Last I heard they don’t know why it has happened to a specific group of female bears. This bear, Dolores, happens to be a regular spectacled bear.


That is just a little scary.