January 13th, 2017


Welcome to the devlog for 2017!

A local sound guy named Andrew is now making some of the effects for the beta. While he’s been composing I’ve been adding hooks for most of the sound effects and cleaning up old sfx code. I’ve also been adding more sound features, like an underwater sound mode which lowers the pitch of all sound effects while playing a looping underwater ambience. There are around 100 or so basic sounds, which are played with different pitches, etc., sometimes in loops, sometimes alongside another sound, and so on. The final game will have about twice that, but for the beta we’re just doing the core sounds. Here’s part of the spreadsheet we’re using to coordinate and organise the sfx.

I then have a super simple system where you just say play(SFX_BOINK) or whatever, choosing from a big list of enumerated sounds. I decided to hard code all these in because I need to get this done quickly and move on to the next task.

I also added a SFX menu to my devmode in the game which lets me play sounds (with an optional position) in the game and search through them etc, in the same way that I can search the objects, items, blocks, etc.

Alex is back at work too! He’s been working on the title and promotional images, and has also been experimenting with some designs for the website, and itch.io page, and so on. I’m super exhausted so it’s a short devlog today.


First off, happy new year Ben, Andrew and Alex!

I cannot wait to see the promo images. The game is going in an amazing direction. Keep up the good work guys.


Thx mate :smiley: