July 10th, 2016: Tavern names wanted!


This week I’m looking for some suggestions from you guys. See the Call To Arms section below! But first, here’s a devlog update:

Sam is working on quality settings for the game, you’ll be able to to choose between LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH gfx settings. LOW will be super bare-bones and will only render the essential parts of the game, at a lower quality, with no effects. HIGH will render everything, all effects, maximum particles and shaders, more things in the world, higher precision physics, and so on. MEDIUM is a compromise where we’ll aim to make the game look as good as possible but disable some of the higher-end effects. We’ll tune these defaults as we go, but at the least I wanted to have a stripped back minimal version of the game that’ll run well on lower-end hardware.

World-wise I’m working on a few different pieces, for instance, I’ve finalised most of the volcano area tiles and am delving down into the pieces that make up the cathedral which sits below the surface. Here’s some of the ‘warp’ material which decorates the surface:

In addition we’re adding more stuff as usual. We’ll be adding procedural generated signs to buildings, crystals that can be mined for the crystal resource (these are interesting because they aren’t block-type resources, rather they are object-type resources), different bridges to add some flavour to the world, and plenty more.

Call To Arms

And finally, a call to arms! What are some suggestions for procedurally-generated tavern/town/building names? Things like “The Prancing Leech”, “Iron Wyrm”, “The Happy Snail”, etc. The stranger and stupider the better. If you come up with some suggestions I’ll implement a basic system in Python and then we can see what it comes up with. Then I’ll move it over into the engine and we’ll have some fun things to read on our adventure. I’m also interested in standalone signs which you may say things like “Danger Ahead”, “Pies Below!”, and so on.


“Ye Olde Swill Mill” “Snore & Board” “Beauty And The Roast Beast” “Vittles & Drank” “White Unicorn Inn” “Sword & Cup (icons, not words)” “By Crook And By Hook (mutton/fish specialty)” “The Long Pier” “The Musty Flagon” “Ale & Stew” “Valiant Heifer” “Goose & Gander”


Also, on a side note/suggestion, considering the devlog above, please have shadows/lighting as a separate setting from just the “low/medium/high” selector, as they tend to be what cause most people’s computers to flounder, while they can have other graphical settings on high no problem.


Thanks, yeah we can definitely have an advanced settings mode. The lighting and shadows aren’t dynamic like a 3d engine, it’s more the full-screen effects like glow and number of entities on screen that slow down some systems.


For world-consistency, it might be nice to param the signs and drop in creatures (rather than ponies, etc) or even other world objects. A bit of pluralisation and possession templating allow for things like “The Dancing <Creature>”, “The Drunked <Creature>”, “<Creature>'s Pleasure”, “<Creature> Inn”, or just a simple “<Creature> and <Creature>”. As for basic signs, you’d be able to implement things of the form “Give way to <creature>” or “Warning: <creature>s crossing”, etc.


it might be nice to param the signs and drop in creatures (rather than ponies, etc) or even other world objects

Definitely! :slight_smile: We’ll be substituting most of the animal name suggestions with in game creature names. Thanks for the templates, that’s definitely the direction I want to go in.


from twitter: Iron Tankard, The Potent Potable!


The iron pot
pug ugly pub
goats head Inn
three toed toad eatery
swell swill saloon
spitoon saloon
the bottle and barrel


“The Flamboyant Cuttlefish” (Thank you Sawyer)



The cuddly cuttlefish


Hogs mead
Cut throat cabinet
Diver Dan’s dive bar
Blacksmith brewery
Wineo wallow
Carl’s cabinet
Fishtank tankard
Bathtub brewery
Jailhouse juggery


Heh, all I know is whenever I played a game with a shadows setting and disabled it, or turned lighting effects off, when I was playing on my crappy 9800 GT, it let me play games much better. All I was thinking about when I said what I said. :slight_smile:


The Majestic Matinee! The Glorious Gerrymander! The Conspicuous Kumquat! The Place where you get drunk! The Magical Potato! Tavern Town! The Barbarian’s Booze! The Enchanted Yam! :crazy:


Ben. Please make this a thing. I don’t care how rare the name is, it needs to be a thing.




The Hateful Harlequin
The Haunted Henry
The The
The Booze Hut

I do not feel that great at naming taverns, but they don’t feel too terrible.


Here’s some ideas for standalone signs:

Notice: Thank you for noticing this new notice. Your noticing has been noticed.

No signs allowed

Fresh picked candy corn ahead


Fresh picked cats


More more more!!! What kind of strange signs are in this place. Not only tavern names but just weird signs outside houses, or inscriptions on walls, etc.


“I will build a great wall to keep the goblins out…”