July 10th, 2016: Tavern names wanted!


Started building the name generator today. First pass!


  • The Skunk and Flare
  • The Quiet River
  • The Komodo and Hound
  • The Pickled Limpet
  • The Red Menace
  • The Quiet Mountain
  • The Lonely Cave
  • The Purple Warden
  • The Enchanted Cave
  • The Quiet Pier
  • The Shiny Tavern
  • The Friendly Wyrm
  • The Sentry and Hellshrimp
  • The Librarian and Vole
  • The Friendly Horse
  • The Gray Lobster
  • The Brown Blep
  • The Rhino and Rabbit Inn
  • The Pale Slug
  • The Chocolate Swampfish
  • The Eternal Tavern
  • The Frog and Vole
  • The Grot and Spider
  • The Enchanted House
  • The Chocolate Vole
  • The Hungry Maverick
  • The Komodo and Hound
  • The Enchanted Squirrel
  • The Ivory Bee
  • The Frozen Vole
  • The Quiet Mountain
  • The Flare and Frog
  • The Red Butterfly
  • The Floral Limpet
  • The Coral Skunk
  • The Peach Lizard
  • The Lonely House
  • The Musty Chasm
  • The Skunk and Cockatrice
  • The Lonely Place


Getting some really fun names out of the system now. I’ve taken in almost all your suggestions, thanks! There’s even a rare chance to get things like “The place where you get drunk”.

  • Pink Blep Eatery
  • The Paper Blep
  • The Crimson Snail
  • Open Tankard
  • Snow Butterfly
  • Yellow Blep
  • Moth, Slug and Leech
  • Mushroom Sentry Pub
  • Snail Warden
  • The Musty Chasm
  • The Cooked Librarian
  • The Wooden Maverick
  • Shrimp and Skunk
  • The Honey Fly Inn
  • The Enchanted Shrimp
  • White Fly Brewery
  • Long Well
  • Eternal Yam
  • The Yellow Librarian
  • Horse, Blep and Grot
  • Honey Vole
  • The Shiny Nook
  • Silver Sentry Mug
  • Blackfish and Tesseract
  • The Komodo and Vole Pub
  • The Lion and Grot
  • The Long Rock
  • Quiet Egg
  • The Magical Pit
  • The Happy Fish
  • Pie Pig
  • The Enchanted Well
  • The Pickled Hound Brewery
  • Lizard Nook
  • Floral Sentry
  • The Coral Butterfly Barrel
  • Vole Juggery
  • Eternal Tree
  • Magical House
  • The Paper Guardian
  • Yam Fly
  • The Floral Rabbit
  • The Pickled Mudcrab
  • Snail and Squirrel
  • The Eternal Hole
  • Swampfish and Bloat Mead
  • The Magical Rock
  • Happy Rhino
  • The Musty Pier
  • Salt Flare


How about Houseleg Saloon?


Juggery made the cut :smiley:I’m pretty sure I made that word up


Also, it’d be cool if there was an NPC that just says puns related to the game (Like the fish guy in shovel knight)

  • Double Deluxe Watering Hole
  • The Ambivalent Muskrat
  • The Leaky Cask
  • Rusty Sword Saloon


Give me puns!

Nice, thanks!

And here’s some of the blacksmith names from the generator:

  • The Nine Axes
  • The Aegissmith
  • The Crackerhouse
  • Double Helmetsmith
  • The Broken Club
  • The Longsword and Net
  • The Purple Sting
  • Swordhouse
  • The Cloak and Dagger
  • Golden Leg Blacksmith
  • The Dire Net
  • Tiny Leather House
  • The Royal Greatsword
  • The Bench and Sword
  • Bulwarkhouse
  • Triple Armour
  • Rakehouse
  • The Greatsword and Armour
  • Few Greatswords
  • The Mace and Halberd

July 16th, 2016

Wrapping the sign generation up for now, thanks all!


So sad that I missed out on the first round of this… Hopefully you’re still taking suggestions!


I’m sure he could still use some more


Pew ->


Oh man I love these threads. I’m a bit busy lately but once I get some free time and mind I’ll work on some ideas for both taverns and dialogues.


One more for the road (no seriously that’s the name)

The Pandering panda

Dizzy Dee’s dive

No thanks I’m drinking

Sue’s slippery sippery (I made up Another word)


Good job with the name generator Ben! The Eternal Yam? :laughing: I’m a little sad the enchanted yam didn’t make it, but The Eternal Yam is just as good. I never expected the place where you get drunk to make the cut, so that’s going to be entertaining to see in-game as well. I can’t wait for the public release to see all the hilarious responses the signs will get!


Haha thanks was fun :slight_smile: