July 23rd, 2016


The cathedral level is taking shape, most of the design is done and the implementation is catching up. Here’s an ascii representation of a generated level:

You can see the general layout, feature rooms like “store” and “chamber”, and the connecting corridors and staircases. This level will be more linear than the others with just a few potential paths down to the Archive. Some of the technical issues I’ve solved are generating (mostly) non-overlapping room and corridor layouts, parametric room generators (e.g., stores have a variable height and number of shelves), and ensuring that the entire thing is all connected together. Little to no mining will be needed in this level. Here’s a store room:

Over in the dialogue thread a few of us started to pitch ideas for what the NPCs might say. All the dialogue is procedurally-generated, which is not too tricky given that the NPCs spout nonsense. We cam up with a whole heap of templates and then I implemented them. Here’s some of the thousands of lines of dialogue that the system generated, apply your own interpretation at will. :slight_smile:

The render quality system is now in place and you can choose from low or high quality atm. At low quality we’ve stripped out all non-essential effects, draw fewer objects, and render at a lower resolution, among other restrictions. This will be the Minimal Moonman that you should only run if your system is low spec. I’ll also be adding a medium quality before release that will disable the higher-end effects.

Two more higher-end effects that I’m considering adding are a shiny metal material effect and light beams. The shiny material would have ideally make the metallic objects seem more sensitive to light. The light beams would be an overlay of light casting from windows and gaps in cave walls, etc. We’ll spend a couple of friday afternoons experimenting with these and see how we go.


I would like to see a sample Gif of the metal shine and light beams.


Sure, here’s a couple of Alex’s concepts…


Those are very nice :smile: thanks for sharing. The light rays could have some dust particles, the metal shine looks amazing.


This is what I mean by dust in the beams of light. I wasn’t sure how to explain myself :laughing:


oh yeah i understood, dusty beam motes are my cup of tea. i’ll schedule them in for v1.317.