July 2nd, 2016


Content-spree continues. Added a tonne of new blocks and world objects this week. We’ve got lots of little bits and pieces which we’re using to construct interesting features. Here’s a scene Alex put together to show some of the pieces.

Added inheritance to blocks to simplify the specification. So, for example I can now simply say that the bookshelf_big block type inherits from the bookshelf block type, and all the properties are copied over. I can then specify any that are different. (In this case the big bookshelf has a greater health.) Here’s a section of the output of a script I wrote to show these relationships.

bone: dt dig h 6 sbod false --bone_spine: bone_wall: h 4 sbod false bookshelf: dt chp h 4 sbod false --bookshelf_big: h 6 brass: dt 1 dt sms h 10 sbod false --brass_2x1: --brass_2x2: --brass_disc: --brass_pylon: brass_chain: an true dt ore h 16 sbod false clay: cl 3 dt dig h 10 ml 2 mm 1 st natural sbod false --clay_slope: clay_wall: h 4 sbod false --clay_vine_wall: ----clay_vine_wall_dense: --clay_wall_patchy: --clay_wall_really_patchy: --clay_wall_slope:

Sam continues to optimise the engine and over the next two weeks he’ll be adding LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH quality settings to the game. This’ll be available from the launcher, and will hopefully enable more people to play the game at decent frame rates by disabling some of the visual features.

Unfortunately we’ve encountered an issue with certain OSX integrated-graphics setups. Moonman runs too slow to be playable (~10fps) and it is too big of a job to optimise at the moment. We’ll test again when the LOW quality setting is ready, but it’s likely that we’ll just set the minimum specifications to require a graphics card. Strangely the game runs well enough on my Mac Mini (which I assume is integrated gfx), so this doesn’t affect all systems. At some point after launch we’ll take another look into optimising the engine to perform better on lower-end systems.

Added crumble aspect for mining. If you have a compatible item/block combo then you can demolish blocks much quicker.


Was the crumbling feature influenced by Minecraft? You know, the fact that if you try to mine diamond ore with a stone pickaxe you will be very disappointed?


Nope, it’s something I wanted to do for some time now. The mechanics have been in place for a while and things like cobwebs already behave like this.

There’s another related mechanic which is that some things require special tools to mine. For example if you hit a cobweb with a shovel it breaks, if you hit it with a broom then it drops a web item.


KS update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eigenbom/moonman/posts/1620709