June 25th, 2016


Finished up the editor this week and Alex has started to create some interesting things with it. We’re populating the world with things like shrines, lamp posts, fountains, etc. and it’s an interesting challenge to come up with styles for these objects. Here’s a few simple shrines I created while testing out the new editor features.

We’ve got a lot of objects to make, and have started to group them into a few styles. Here are some of them:

Primitive – Primitive structures could contain strange symbols, traps and spikes, and they could appear scattered mainly around the forest and mountain regions. A primitive outpost could be made out of raw wood, stone blocks, and would be very ramshackle in its design.

Civilian – A style that appears primarily in the town. Civilian buildings are made from wood and stone and contain tables and chairs, shelves, and interesting architecture. A civilian lamp post would be a nice simple wooden post with an iron lantern or lamp, whereas a primitive lamp post might just be a torch attached to a long branch.

Unnamed Stone Style – Generally this style involves heavy use of the stone materials in chunky designs with obelisks. You’ll find shrines, statues and hidden caches in this style.

Unnamed Aztec Style – This style is a mix of stone and brass, with motifs of faces and other funny designs reminiscent of some aztec designs. It’s a style which’ll appear in the later game, but you may find one of these sculptures anyway. Typically this stuff will be trapped.

Other planned styles include Royal, Skeleton, and Techological. We’re having a lot of fun design these things and are hoping that wandering around the world and finding them is a fun experience. In other news, Sam continues optimising - he’s found significant bottlenecks in the system, and is now working on another core optimisation (converting a bunch of vertex arrays to VBOs). SFML unfortunately has some inefficiencies which we need to work around.

This week I also started to add some of the new world features into the game. Here’s a lamp post which had another lamp post generated on top of it. Not sure if it’s a bug or a feature.


Looks kinda cool. Maybe keep it in?


These things are rare so I just leave them in anyway :slight_smile:


That’s a feature. It’s a lamp lamp, you use it when it’s too dark to lite your lamp so you need a lamp to see your lamp.


Maybe there’s a 1 in 50 chance when you make a world you can find the lamp lamp and find a secret chest or sign on top of it.


I could not think of a better name if I tried.



Please make, like, a one in a million chance of generating a ludicrous tower of lamps.


Ha I think that would be amazing


Imagine if there was an extremely rare biome that just consisted of lamp trees everywhere.



Lol you’re a joker Will :smiley:


Can I get a better photo for posting on my twitterers?


Sorry I threw out the original :frowning: I can crop it


Ha i never throw out anything i do :slight_smile:


Is it possible for backers to test the editor out?


Possibly, but that’s going to have to wait until the public beta release. Maybe I’ll run the editor part of the game through some private testing with the backers before I merge it into the public version.