Latest updates


I’m a bit lost on how updates work. There’s a thread here about an update from 27th July and that’s what I see when I go to the humble page, but I think (from twitter) there’s a more recent update than that. How do I get the latest update? Do I need to ask for my humble key each time?


Good question! The updates are rolled out in this order:

Steam (unstable branch): updated regularly (unstable!)
Steam: updated every week or two
Itch: updated alongside steam
Humble: updated monthly or bimonthly

I strongly recommend installing the game in Steam if you want to get the latest updates straight away.

The humble version will be behind because it’s a manual process to update it.

P.S. I just uploaded the most recent build to humble. If you go to the humble page you should see version 430300 or similar.


Good answer!