March 13th, 2017


Moved into a new office over the weekend, in a warehouse just north of the city. It’s a small space that I now share with Alex, and a third dev named Max (who has worked on King Arthur’s Gold and other games). Looking forward to getting back into the flow of work, but it always takes a few days to get settled in (and right now there’s loud drilling noises because it’s a public holiday and they are renovating this space). :moonman_closed:

Speech bubbles are now much better, text is properly centered, and bubble has a subtle popping in and out animation.

I’ve done a lot of work on the planner finally. It’s all too much to go into but basically the system can now load and save world plans, write plans out to c++ code for the engine to use, show graphs, etc, and a lot of the hooks into the areas are done. This is all just framework stuff, the real design stuff is coming soon. Here’s an example node from a plan: it tells the world generator to make a town, and put a house in it, with a blacksmith and a forge.


Not active on the forums but I check the summary mails.
Max is cool, and KAG is a blast.


Yeah he’s great. We worked on No Mario’s Sky together. :slight_smile:


It’s coming along. Can you make a teaser video for us?


I wish i could. I have no time for anything but actual dev unfortunately. I know its quiet here but believe me we’re working our moon butts off to get this game ready.


Fair enough I know you have a lot of pressure as it is.


Yeah thanks, we’ll get there!