March 24th, 2017


We’re crunching now, just hammering out all the things…

  • place names are now in-game
  • added alternative starting and castle areas
  • added alternative house set (wooden)
  • added additional theming/bgs/palettes for areas
  • added travel transition animation
  • improved moon graphics
  • mob sets: designed and implemented
  • more planner work

March is nearly over, ehk! Unlikely we’ll have the beta out this month. But I’m happy with our progress and I think there aren’t too many hurdles left.

Here’s the travel transition:


i like the new transition! looks smooth and it’s not too distracting.


Is that… shakespeare?




i think that the transition is good but could vary in speed depending on the location


do you mean the delay where the screen is black? that’s just the load time.




Yeah I can’t really change that then … as it takes however long the game needs to load or create the next level.